Remodeling Designs for a Safer Home


Homes are generally safe for everyone, but it does not mean they are free from risks. In fact, statistics say that 25 million people suffer from home injuries per year. In-home injury deaths of children are also reported to be 12 million per year while in-home injuries for seniors due to falls are reported to be around 2, 800, 000 per year. Foodborne illnesses at home are reported to be 48 million per year. These figures are alarming and there must be some solutions made to lower the probability of these risks from happening in your own home.

If you are planning to renovate and make your home a safer place for you and your entire family, you should take measures to make the home safe during the renovation process. Additionally, since you are in the process of remodeling, why not improve some parts of your home by making them more secure and safe for everyone in the family?

Below are some tips and ideas on how you can make your home safer and more secure for everyone.

Use Skid-Resistant Tiles

If your remodeling plans include changing the flooring of your home, why not go beyond and install safe, skid-resistant tiles that help prevent falls? There are many types of tiles that can be bought in hardware stores, but most of them are ordinary tiles used in many residential constructions. If you want safer and better alternatives, you can choose to utilize pharmaceutical clean room grade flooring. Such types of floors are non-skid, sterile, and wear-resistant. With these types of flooring materials, the risks of fall injuries within the home can be reduced.

Reinforce Door Jambs

door jambs

Break-ins are among the most common hazards experienced by homeowners. Your home can be vulnerable to intruders and you may not have the capacity to protect everyone or even yourself during an intrusion. The best thing to do is to prevent intruders from entering your property. Reinforcing door jambs and strengthening doors can help.

Add a Door Peephole

A peephole is not a security system in itself. But it does help to protect you and your family inside the home. Door peepholes allow you to have a glimpse of the outside without having to open the door. It lets you see who is outside without exposing yourself physically to the person.

Video Doorbells


You can use these doorbells as additional security measures to your door peephole. They can also stand alone as security systems, allowing you to see the persons outside of your door. Video doorbells have motion detection sensors. They record videos when someone comes in close range. These doorbells can record high-definition color videos and also have night vision technology, which is perfect for capturing intruders during nighttime. Some of these doorbells may also allow two-way conversations through built-in microphones and speakers. These two-way conversation systems may be used even when you are away from your home.

Install Light Automation

This technology can scare intruders away, making them believe that someone or some people are living in your home even when you are not around. Light automation can be made to mimic your at-home behaviors. They can also be customized to turn on or off at your designated schedules. There are also light automation mechanisms that allow lights to turn on when they sense movement around the perimeters of the house.

Lights can be installed both inside and outside the house for better protection. A well-lighted home deters intruders and keeps them away from the property.

Install Automatic Lock Systems

If you are still not using automatic lock systems in your home, you should secure one and include its installation in your home remodeling design. Automatic lock systems are rising in popularity for a reason. They provide added security, allowing you and other authorized persons to have keyless entry into your home. These lock systems are hard to tamper and burglars will have a hard time forcing their entry into your property.  Automatic lock systems allow scheduled locking abilities, so you can set them to lock or unlock automatically in particular periods.

Home security is something that should be put on the top of everyone’s priority list. Whether it is for protecting your family against unwanted entries or safeguarding them from in-home injuries caused by home accidents, taking some steps to make the home safer is a must. If your home still does not have the proper security measures and technology to make it more secure, you should already include it in your remodeling plans. These security measures do not only provide safety to you and your loved ones but also improve the value of your home as well.

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