Remodeling Your Master Bedroom: Key Ideas to Consider

Master bedroom

The living room has been upgraded and fitted with a modern fireplace, just in time for the next winter in Salt Lake City. Will you still be on budget for your next project to upgrade the master’s bedroom?

The national average spending in America for a master’s bedroom remodel is about $7,900. And that’s for a space measuring roughly 10’ x 12’ (3 meters x 3.66 meters) and might not include all the bells and whistles that you aim for. If renovating your master’s bedroom is your next big project, the following discussion will be helpful.

Overall Planning

The living room renovation probably ate more than $11,000 of your total budget. Doing multiple room renovations will reduce your expenses, but if factors such as living arrangement disruption and cash flow are at play, doing rooms at different times is not ideal.

Carefully plan what you plan to include in the renovation.

Options for Your Master Bedroom

When the day is over, it’s the place where you relax, rest, and have those proper doses of zzzs. These are enough reasons to justify your master’s bedroom remodeling. Of course, if the wallpaper is ugly, then you need to change it. 

  1. Work out the budget in detail. The $7,900 mentioned is the average, and if you go premium on your spending, it can be more than $11,000. If you are going to include the en suite toilet and bath, then your budget will increase significantly. Window replacement or treatment, flooring, paint, bed, bedside tables, lamps, etc. are just some of the items that you need to incorporate on your budget.
  2. Color. They say colors inspire a certain mood or emotion. Red perks up the appetite. You don’t want to be thinking about food when you’re just about to go to bed. Experts advise that you should also stick to one color. Blue is often referenced as something that represents calm and peace. Others hint that some shades of blue help bring down blood pressure levels. Find out what might suit your requirements.
  3. No scrimping on bedding. You owe it to your mind and body after a hard day’s work that you rest and sleep comfortably. Go cheap on the bedside table, but allow yourself to splurge on luxury beddings, from the mattress to the sheets.
  4. Accessorize the right way. A rug on top of a wall-to-wall carpet emphasizes distinct spaces in your bedroom. Make sure that the design matches.
  5. Desk. If you’re lifestyle dictates that you need to check emails and send out a file using your laptop before going to bed, a desk can be a practical addition to your bedroom. It should blend well into the overall feel of the room and not become the focus of attention. If you’re taking a call and need to write down something, that desk will come in handy.
  6. The standard details. Details about the lighting fixtures, drapes, wall paint, and flooring all need to come together. Workout with your designer how these can create the space that you need to relax.

Some also incorporate plants or create an accent wall. The options are endless. Stick to one that represents your personality and will give you peace and comfort.

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