Rest and Recreation: 3 Backyard Elements That Create an Outdoor Oasis

outdoor dining area

It’s not surprising that life today is more stressful than how it is years back. Technology, though helpful in making lives easier, prompts an overdrive of the senses. One minute, you hear a ping of a friend liking your Facebook post and the next, you see a cat playing around with a dog at a video ad on your laptop. There’s just too much stimulation everywhere, that’s why a lot of people crave for relaxation spaces.

In fact, home design in the last years are focused on this, particularly self-care that promote the popularity of spa-like amenities in bathrooms and Zen interior styles in living rooms. If you want to extend this atmosphere of relaxation in your yard, here are the three L’s you must have:


Of course, you need a place where you can literally rest. Create sections in your yard where you can have a soothing living room-like area. This can be done with just a simple arrangement of outdoor furniture. Invest in comfortable seating and arrange it around a fire pit to make it more inviting.

Add some shade or covering — let’s say, a pergola with curtains. Note that you may not be fully protected from harsh weather elements with this type. If you want to chill around your outdoor oasis all year long, regardless of the season, go for luxury garden rooms. This is the closest resemblance to your cozy living room. You can use it as a “viewing deck” of your entire yard, a reading nook, a meditation space, and so much more, depending on the relaxation you need at a particular situation.


outdoor lounge

Lighting affects the atmosphere in the space. Just think about the difference of swapping fluorescent lights for mood lighting or fairy lights strewn across the yard. Illuminate the key elements in your yard, like the pool, water fountains, large trees, and some plants. Highlighting these natural elements contribute to the feel of calmness in the space.

You can also use specially-formulated paints that exude a beautiful glow in the evening after being exposed to sunlight during the day. Apply this on your plant containers, especially those that hold plants that are eye-catching. This will add points of visual interest in the space.


You won’t be able to de-stress if you’re constantly worrying about prying eyes. Prioritize privacy in your yard. The obvious solution here is to use fences around the perimeter. Most homeowners use solid black vinyl fences, as these offer the perfect backdrop for the pops of color in plants and blooms.

Another way homeowners create privacy is use lattice or landscaping. Climbing plants, along with hedges and large trees, are able to screen views from the outside. In fact, some homeowners even create secret places, concealed through landscaping, to better create privacy.

Everybody needs a break from the fast-paced, overstimulating modern life. The good news is you won’t have to drive far to find retreat and solitude. You can find it right in your own backyard. Revamp your space today. Turn it into an outdoor oasis that allows you to recharge for the next demands of modern life.

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