Roof Failing Prematurely: Here Are Some Causes

construction workers installing roof

If you have ever held your breath throughout a storm in Utah wondering if the roof over your head would collapse within the next minute, we have an answer for you: Too much force is needed to bring down a well-designed roof. A commercial or residential roof designed according to building codes in the state should stand even in extreme weather conditions. Still, some roofs will develop problems before the expiry of their lifetime and collapse becomes imminent. Although it sounds highly improbable, even a brand new roof can come crashing down. That is why every homeowner should consider their roofing system as a significant investment like any other by hiring only the best contractors. Otherwise, the roof may succumb to the storm and extend the damage to the entire property. A roof can collapse or fail prematurely from any of the following factors.

1.    Poor Choice of Materials

The expected life of a good quality metal roofing is up to 70 years. Thus it is essential to install the best roofing possible. Quoted prices may be enticing, but this alone can be misguiding because unscrupulous providers exist. As long as they have that contract, they can opt to use low-quality materials that will fit their budget. Material manufacturers in Utah often have a preferred contractor- hire such, and you will never regret.

2.    Improper Ventilation

Other than health complications, poor ventilation, especially in the attic, can ruin the roof significantly. Poor ventilation leads to build up of moisture and subsequent damage to roofing materials. During summer, indoor warmth collects at the attic, because warm air is lighter than cold air. Winter season promotes the formation of condensation in the same area because of the temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors. Inadequate ventilation can, therefore, enhance mildew growth throughout the year. For sufficient ventilation, make sure that the eves remain clear.

3.    Poor Workmanship- Installation

unfinished roof with the roofer working in the backgroundThe quality of installation will always show in the performance of the metal roofing Utah, whether in the long-term or short-term. You may design the roof superbly and use the best materials, but poor installation will still let you down. Certified contractors do a clean job and ensure that the roof meets its lifespan.

4.    Insulation Changes

As the urge for higher energy efficiency increases, many homeowners may be tempted to add insulation to minimize heat loss. Most of them do not realize that some level of heat movement is necessary for the sake of snow melting. If yours is an older building, adding insulation can enhance water retention, leading to premature failure of the roof.

5.    Poor Maintenance

An effective way to prolong roof life is to adhere to regular inspection and maintenance. The reverse is also true. Expert roofers in Utah perform a thorough analysis of the roof, identifying damage spots, aging, loose ends and such issues. It is essential to follow up on the professional recommendations, as this will help in keeping the roof in good shape.


When you take care of your metal, concrete or any other type of roof, it is going to serve you better and for a longer time. You can avoid costly repairs and eventual premature failure if you catch potential issues early.

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