Securing Your Home in Winter Before Leaving for a Holiday

A family home in a suburb covered in snow

Sometimes, the cold during the winter months becomes unbearable. It is only natural to seek warmth elsewhere. But what things must you not forget before taking a holiday? How can you prepare your home so that you will not stress out once you come back from vacation?

Secure Possible Water Entries

Winter brings in some kind of precipitation. It can be snow or rain. A big amount of such precipitation can do damage to the exterior and interior of your property. If you are going on long vacation during the winter season, get a durable chimney capin place for your home in Utah. A wide-open chimney can be a possible entry for rain. Although there are little chances of it flooding your place, damage may come in a different form. Water going down the walls of your chimney can make the bricks go weak and prone to collapse over time.

Also, make sure that all the windows and doors are tightly shut. You would not want to be greeted with puddles of water when you come back. Keeping the moisture out will also ensure that your home is safe from bugs and mold.

Clean up and Clean Well

If you are going away for a long holiday trip, it is wise to peruse the contents of your refrigerator. Throw away items that will rot before you return. Plan meals well before you leave. Ensure that you can use all perishables before your date of departure. It is your choice if you should unplug the refrigerator or not. What is important is that you will come home and not stress on having an unkempt refrigerator.

While you are in the cleanup mode, make sure that your dishwasher is also empty of dirty utensils. In the same way, do your laundry. Also, throw your garbage out. These things may be anti-climactic for someone eager to go on a holiday. But taking care of such things will make your return a better experience.

Make Arrangements for Snow Removal

You may be off on a warmer climate, but your lawn will have a different experience. Make plans for a snow cleanup before you take off. You may arrange for a neighborhood kid to do this errand for you.

Keeping the snow heaps to a minimum will prevent accidents or an eyesore. Also, it will give the appearance that someone is at home. You would not want to unknowingly invite bad guys to your home because of piled-up snow.

Have a Security Scheme 

photo of suburban home with snow on drive way, lawn, plants, trees and roof

Leaving your home unguarded will make it prone to thieves. You may deter bad guys from coming near your home through different security tricks. One effective way is to have a home security system. Get something that you can track in real time through your phone or gadget. Keypad-controlled locks are also way better than traditional ones.

A friendly neighbor can also check your house every once in a while. Whatever method you choose, you only have to make sure that you will be coming home and see your place intact.

Your vacation will be more fun if you know that you have made all the necessary arrangements at home. You will have peace of mind, and there will be nothing left to do but to relax and enjoy.

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