Smart Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Toiletries, towels, makeup, hair styling tools and products—there are so many things you need to cram into your bathroom. Despite this, bathrooms also tend to be one of the smallest rooms in a house. And when you’re showering or bathing, you want to feel relaxed, not restricted, which clutter and small space are guaranteed to make you feel.

Luckily, you don’t have to suffer from having so many things inside your small bathroom. With the following clever storage options, you can save space and tidy your bathroom up easily.

1. Choose tall open shelves

With limited floor space, you don’t want wide drawers taking up a significant portion of your bathroom. Maximise your bathroom’s vertical space instead and opt for tall shelves. Choose open shelves instead of ones with cabinet doors because they also make the room appear bigger by allowing you to see all the way to your walls.

2. Add hooks and racks on the walls

Another trick to maximising your vertical space is by adding hooks and hanging racks on your walls. You can simply hang your towels from hooks and racks so you don’t have bulky linen cupboards jutting awkwardly from the wall.

3. Install over-the-door shelf

Don’t waste the space above your bathroom door. Make use of it by installing a tiered shelf that you can use as storage for your towels or your bathroom supplies. Just make sure that if you’re using the shelf for the latter, it’s deep enough that items won’t tumble and fall from it whenever you close the door.

4. Maximise the space under your shower

Instead of cramming your bath products at the edge of your tub, why not use that space on the way under your showerhead to hang a shower caddy? This way, your bath and shower products are within easy reach and look more organised.

5. Take advantage of your cabinet doors

Have a cabinet or a vanity in your bathroom? If not, you might want to consider purchasing bathroom vanities for sale online because they can transform your Melbourne home’s bathroom. Apart from their practical use and actual storage space, you can outfit these pieces of furniture’s doors with space-saving bins that give you extra storage.

6. Put up a mirrored cabinet

Bathroom design

Who doesn’t love a secret shelf in their bathroom? One of the best space-savers, a two-in-one mirror can swing open to reveal a shelf that can hold your pills, beauty and sanitary products. Usually, dual-purpose mirrors can hang above your sink or vanity. But if you want to take it further, you can install a full-length mirror with a storage space behind on your bathroom wall. Apart from maximising the storage potential of your wall, a full-length mirror can make your bathroom appear bigger.

7. Use tiered organisers

Instead of leaving your makeup products and brushes all over your counter, or on the surface of your vanity, use tiered organisers. They not only take up a lot of counter space, but they also keep your stuff well-organised.

With these storage and space-saving tips, you can turn your small and cramped bathroom into a (still small but) roomy and organised one.

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