Space-Saving Storage Solutions for Your Garage

Garage complete with tools

While the primary purpose of your garage is to safeguard your car from harsh elements, it also becomes a sort of dumping ground for seasonal tools, cleaning stuff and various odds and ends you cannot fit inside your home. When this happens, the existing garage storage shelves in your Salt Lake City home become crowded.

The following storage ideas can help you maximize unusable space in your garage. Slat walls, cabinetry, and pegboards are all examples of garage storage solutions that can help you make your space more organized.

The Multipurpose Bench

A long, cleverly built bench near your garage door can keep things for outdoor use tidier. A seat, cubbies and hooks will make it easy for everyone in your family to take off coats, gloves and caps before going inside.

Dedicated Shoe Storage

In most homes, the garage door also serves as the main entrance. A dedicated shoe organizer can instantly clear clutter off your floor. This is an excellent solution if you do not allow shoes inside your home, and do not want them piling up outside your door.

An Accessible Loft

If your garage has a high ceiling, you could leverage it for more space and turn it into a loft. Your loft can function as storage and attic, with a retractable ladder. This way, you can cut down on building costs because the railing will also serve to ventilate your garage.

Overhead Storage

If you do not have the resources to build a loft just yet, opt for overhead storage instead. Suspended shelves placed above your garage door offers storage space without having to renovate. You could use them for storing seasonal things like winter sports equipment and Christmas decorations.


There are tons of reasons many homeowners opt for pegboards in their garages. They are very simple to install, affordable and effective. With proper pegs, your pegboard can store all sorts of materials or tools you use in your garage.

Slat Walls

You usually see slat walls in retail stores for keeping things with easy reach but off the floor. Various shelves and hooks can fit into the slats, which makes for a personalized storage area. The right hooks could accommodate anything from work tools to lawn chairs, toys and skis.

Standard Cabinets

Garage with steel shelving

You do not necessarily have to build a storage solution to organize your garage better. Standard shelves, drawers, and cabinets from a hardware store could help get rid of clutter without the high cost. Look for storage that has legs to prevent potential problems with water.

Built-in Storage

Yes, built-in cabinetry could be costly, but if you have the money, then go for it. If you have the space, build a floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall cabinetry to make use of all the available space in your garage.

With all these garage storage solutions, you will never have to bumble through various containers or trip over things in the floor ever again. Done right, organizing your garage and keeping it tidy can be a breeze.

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