Enjoy a Spooktacular Halloween with These Spooky Basket Ideas

Who says you can only have special surprise baskets during the Easter season? With Fright Nights approaching, it’s time to start planning your Halloween baskets!

Spooky baskets full of your Halloween favorites are matching Easter baskets when it comes to the fun and surprise. While some families are pulling back on trick-or-treating or Halloween parties due to the COVID-19 situation, spooky baskets mean everyone can still get a taste of the Season of Spooks.

Even adults can join in on the fun! Who says you have to be 10 below to enjoy the candies and other Halloween goodies, anyway? So, if you want to join in on the fun, it’s time to brainstorm spooky basket ideas, buy the supplies and prepare for the Halloween season right now.

What Is a Spooky Basket, Anyway?

If you’re new to Halloween baskets, the concept is simple: think Easter basket but make it for Halloween. These baskets have starred in countless Pinterest photos and Instagram posts, garnering thousands of likes due to their aesthetic look (as well as how they make you want to stuff your face with candy). Spooky baskets are often filled with treats for kids, adults and anyone who will be receiving them.

The origin story of the first Halloween basket isn’t exact. The idea of these baskets blew up with a Twitter account called Spooky Baskets (account name @SpookyBasket) tweeted about them in 2018. The tweet was a guide on “What to Put in Your Girl’s Spooky Basket.” The tweet blew up and currently has 51,000 retweets, 20,000 quote tweets and 118,000 likes. A follow-up version was tweeted and it focuses on what to put in a spooky basket for your boyfriend.

Since then, Halloween baskets have become staples during the Spooky Season. People aren’t just invested in carving pumpkins; they’re storming shops to bring their spooky basket ideas to life. After all, there’s nothing better than to make Halloween fun with more shopping and receiving of gifts.

Which is Better: a DIY Spooky Basket or a Store-Bought One?

Stores always have pre-made spooky gift baskets at hand during the season. These baskets are curated collections, which often include some of the store’s Halloween bestsellers. These gift baskets are perfect for people who don’t have the time to make their own but want to join in on the gift giving.

However, if you want a more personalized touch, it’s best to make your own. DIY Halloween baskets offer more room for creativity and personalization.

What Can I Put in a Spooky Basket?

What you put in the basket depends on you and the recipients. It’s best to have a list of the people you’re going to give the baskets or the attendees of your Halloween parties. If you know who’s receiving, you’ll know what they want in the basket.

Just don’t forget the basics!


Candy is a Halloween essential. A woven basket full of little candies is enough to wow a crowd. Consider buying candy in bulk if you are on a budget. But if you have more room in your budget and want to make a fancier basket, buy some treat bags online.

Everyone’s got their favorite candy, so make sure you know the recipient’s favorite treats. You can’t go wrong with the basic M&Ms or KitKat, though! Always check the latest Halloween-themed candies.


Add a festive flavor to your basket with a baked sugar cookie. Customize these sweet treats by decorating your sugar cookies with a layer of Halloween frosting. Your local grocery store also has several pre-made options if you don’t have the time to bake.

Cozy Stuff

Fuzzy socks are staples in any autumn season basket. These socks are thoughtful choices, especially since winter will be right around the corner. Giving a blanket is another great option since people love to snuggle during the cold season.

If you have more wiggle room in your budget, why not throw in some pajamas? Halloween jammies are always a win!

Self-Care Products

These items are perfect for any adult spooky basket. Add fall-themed self-care items like scented candles, face masks, nail polish, Epsom salts, body cream, bath bombs and more. To fit the theme, look for products colored like the autumn season, too.

Halloween Toys

Kids love toys! Liven up their baskets by adding puzzles with seasonal activities like matching games, word games and mazes. You can also add a drawing notepad or coloring book to entertain them while their parents enjoy the Halloween festivities.

Spooky Basket Ideas for Everyone

spooky baskets
Spooky baskets make Halloween even more special (Photo from Pinterest)

Still need help with the brainstorming? Here are some of the best spooky basket ideas!

Best Spooky Gift Basket Ideas for Children

With kids, you can’t go wrong with candy, candy and MORE CANDY. Bite-sized pieces of candy always have the children running to your doorstep. Add to their trick-or-treat haul by filling their baskets with more candies and treats (something that their moms can add to their bento lunch boxes!)

Apart from candies, spice up their baskets by adding the following items:

  • A stuffed Halloween-themed animal
  • Halloween toys
  • Spooky bath bomb
  • Stationery and stickers

Best Spooky Gift Baskets for Adults

Adults love getting gifts, too. Their Halloween basket, however, is drastically different from what the kids will get. Sure, there will still be candy, but you have the license to throw in some adult treats. Here are some items your friends will love in their baskets:

  • A copy of a scary movie
  • Halloween-themed tea towels
  • Halloween booze or cocktail mixes
  • Hot chocolate mixes and tea
  • Scented candles
  • Healthy snacks
  • Spooky-themed wellness products (e.g. bath bombs)

Best Spooky Gift Basket Ideas for Him

Planning to surprise your boyfriend with a spooky basket just for him? Some of the best items to add in his basket are:

  • His favorite candies and treats
  • A spooky t-shirt
  • Water bottle or mug (skeleton cups, anyone?)
  • His favorite alcoholic drink

Best Spooky Gift Basket Ideas for Her

How about your girlfriend? Here are some things we think she’ll like in her basket:

  • Her favorite candies and treats
  • Some fuzzy socks or a cute blanket
  • Halloween-themed accessories
  • Halloween-themed nail polish or skincare items
  • Autumn-themed scented candle
  • Stationery and stickers


Make this year’s Halloween more spook-tacular with spooky gift baskets for everyone! Have a happy Halloween!

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