Taking Care of Yourself While Being a Hands-On Mom


Being a mother is a full-time job. Unlike clients or bosses who can log out after a hard day’s work, being a mom never ends. Especially when your children are still young, it can feel like there aren’t even enough hours in the day to get everything done—let alone anything that has to do with yourself.

But being a good, selfless mom doesn’t mean that you forget yourself completely. Finding ways to indulge yourself still helps you create a balance in your personal life that will help you feel fulfilled as a mom and as a woman. Here are some ways you can do just that:

  • Treat yourself:

Sure, your children’s needs come first. But you shouldn’t keep putting your own needs and wants on the back burner, either. Find some simple things that you make you happy that can still mesh well with your mommy duties. For example, if you like accessories but have young kids, treat yourself with a stylish thin silicone bracelet. It is less likely to scratch than a metal or bejeweled one, but you can still find a style that suits you.

  • Don’t forget about your interests:

After a while, it isn’t surprising to notice that many of your own interests are influenced by your children’s. But instead of ultimately pushing yours back, take this time to instead introduce your kids to what you like. Most likely, these activities can even be made kid-friendly and turned into an excellent bonding activity. If you enjoy baking, why not let them be your little sous chef? If you enjoy painting, why not teach them the basics of art? Letting them in on your interests make spark a new joy in them and is also an excellent way for them to get to know you, too.

  • Take some “me time”:

Working woman

Even as a devoted mom who adores her kids, you need to set aside time for just yourself. As a hands-on mom, even just a few minutes in a day dedicated to yourself will let you re-center and re-focus. Think of it almost like meditation. If you can, maybe a few minutes of skincare can do the trick. Or, if you can spare more time, how about some time spent in a bubble bath or sipping your favorite beverage once the kids are down for the night? Allowing yourself to relax and unwind revitalizes you and gets you ready for another day.

  • Keep a strict resting schedule:

Just like at a nine-to-five job, maintaining a routine can help set some ground rules and enforce habits that will make life easier. Depending on how old your children are, you can even include them in creating your daily schedule. It doesn’t mean that your household will have a strictly regimented timetable. Instead, think of this as a way to clarify what needs to be done by when. That is especially useful in setting a resting schedule that says when nap time or bedtime is. It lets them know when to get ready to wind down, and lets you take this time to settle in.

Sometimes, being a better mom also means being a better person to yourself. Not forgetting your own identity means you are more capable of giving yourself to your children while also fulfilling what fuels you as a woman.

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