The Best Place to Retire Depends on Who You Are


There is no best place to retire in Australia — however, there could be one for you in particular. Opt for a retirement destination that’s in line with your interests. Staying active and engaged in the things around you keeps you sharp — so choose a place that matches who you are.

The Adventurous Gastrophile

If food and drinks are what makes you happy, then wine and dine happily in Geelong, Victoria. The port city is home to the best regional dining in the nation and has one of the most vibrant dining scenes. Old factories have been repurposed into hip bars, cafes, restaurants, and breweries — making your dining experience a little more rustic and interesting. You can also visit numerous farms and get your produce as fresh as they come. Geelong is home to numerous retirement villages (both independent and assisted), and houses and lands for sale are considerably more affordable compared to Melbourne. The median house price in Geelong stands at $585,000 — less than 30 percent of Melbourne’s $860,000.

The Fearless Diver

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best dive spots in the world. If you’re into diving, then Townsville, Queensland is probably the best place for you to settle in. With easy access to the reefs, the city is home to some of the best diving instructors, services, and shops in Australia. Old age won’t matter once you’re in the water as the buoyancy of the water puts everyone at equal footing. Townsville properties go for less than $350,000, leaving you enough money to spend the rest of your days exploring the water.

The Avid Golfer

With 19 golf courses (and counting), the Mornington Peninsula of Melbourne is considered as the home of Australian golfing. The shire hosts seven premier golf courses included among the nation’s top 50 golfing destinations. Retirees on the green are a common sight, and most courses have special weekday rates for their most avid golfers. The shire has several retirement villages, and residential properties typically go for around $860,000.

The Sophisticated Metropolitan

If you love the bustle of the big city and meeting people, there’s no place like Sydney, New South Wales. The city is a place where residents value the community as well as gaining new experience. People are friendly and outgoing. Sydney is one of the busiest places in Australia — so there’s no lack of people, whether residents or tourists. Retirees are encouraged to participate in various social activities — but you can go gallivanting on your own as well. Properties go for around $870,000 and expect everything to be a bit more expensive.

The Quiet Introvert

old woman covering her ears

If you want to spend peaceful times with just your immediate family, Indigo, NSW could be the ideal place. The shire is sparsely populated and boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the nation (less than 500 reports of crime/year). Indigo also places great value on their retirees — with programs to control as well as manage dementia in elderly residents. Property prices range from $350,000 in Barnawartha to $550,000 in Beechworth.

You can only live the best years of your life if you’re in the right place. Choose your retirement destination based on how you want to live the rest of your life.

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