The Best Places to Pop the Question

Man proposing to his girlfriend in the street

Where you propose is as important as how you propose. The location would somehow dictate the way you’re going to pop the question, the timing, the setup, even the tone and intro of your speech. It’s important then to think about your location long and hard. Here are a few ideas that can help you.

Where a Family Gathering Will Happen

It’s nice to have family members witness this big milestone in your relationship. So, plan for the proposal to happen at a family gathering, say, an out-of-town vacation. There are so many perks in this setup. For one, your partner won’t sense that something’s up, precisely because it’s not just you two going on a special trip. Also, you can get help from their relatives on a bunch of things, from documenting the proposal, decorating your setup, plus the most important of all, choosing a ring.

If your partner is close to their relatives, for sure, they’ve disclosed a thing or two about what they want in their future engagement ring. With this, you can easily discuss your partners’ preferences with a jeweler from a Salt Lake City store. Jewelry shops often have custom rings, so for sure you’ll have the perfect ring your partner wants.

Where You Usually Hang Out

Man about to propose to her girlfriend at the beachThe “usuals” in your relationship play a big role in your lives, so it makes sense to have them included in this milestone. Go to your favorite Chinese restaurant or cat cafe. Sit at your usual table. Order the same food. This ordinariness will be the perfect cover for the extraordinary thing you’ll do later. You can also include this “usual” in your speech, telling your partner that you want to keep doing this habit if it means doing it with them for the rest of your life.

In the event though that your favorite places are packed, perhaps you can ask to be seated at a quieter section of the restaurant. It’s a deviation from your normal, yes, but still, everything else is typical, so it’s less likely that your partner will be suspicious. Your cover-up is intact; don’t worry.

Where You Had Your Firsts

Nostalgia and romance are a good combination. So, consider going back to that place you first laid your eyes on each other. If you want to be a little more creative, try to reconstruct everything in that place where you first met. For instance, if it’s at a speed dating event at some library downtown, ask the manager if you can rent a part of the place even just for half of the day.

Throw in the long rows of tables and chairs, decorate the place with the same lighting, wallpapers, candles, and flowers from way before, and then get some of your friends’ friends to serve as actors. You can also go back to the place you had your first date. For sure, this will bring back so many memories. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to bring up your speech of wanting to create more memories with them in the future.

Again, the location of your proposal matters. It can make or break the entire romantic moment. So, spend time considering where to pop the question. All the best!

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