The Road to Becoming a Supermom

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When you’re a mother, you basically have two careers: one, that pursuit at work; two, being a household manager and impromptu administrator of the family. Despite that, a lot of women still want to rise above expectations. They want to become supermoms.

But it’s more than challenging. However, being a supermom has many definitions, and it’s up to you how you’re going to define it. You need to remember, though, that the idea of being a supermom is not always about being the gentlest mother, chef, or career woman out there.

Regardless, some habits will make you one. Below are some of the pointers you may want to take into account:

Set the right priorities

Being a mother is overwhelming, but it gets more difficult when you do not sort and organise your priorities. Make it a habit to create a schedule or a list of things to do. Doing so will give you an idea of which of the things and tasks need to be prioritised and which can be delayed. When you are organised, you will also be able to avoid missing out on other important things, such as attending your best friend’s birthday, managing the building of the patio, and watching your youngest kid’s piano recital. This habit even helps you break down large activities into smaller and manageable tasks, thus helping you avoid stress and anxiety.

Always take care of yourself

The usual image of supermoms is that of a woman who is stressed, has eye bags, and dishevelled hair. But it should not be. A supermom knows how to take care of themselves. So, always give yourself leeway and time to be comfortable. Pamper yourself. You can cook yourself a fancy dinner, go to a spa, or meet up with your friends. You always have an option to leave things at home for a while.

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Seek help

Yes, supermoms are independent and empowered. But it also takes guts and energy to seek help. When things are getting to you, don’t forget that you are alone in this. You have your spouse, your parents, and your friends. So when things are becoming too much to handle, don’t hesitate to enlist their help. For one, you should make arrangements with your husband regarding house activities; make it a point that he also takes over the laundry, the cooking, and the cleaning regularly. If you have a business trip that you can’t miss, leave your kids to your parents for a while.

Focus on teaching kids independence

Being a supermom is also about empowering others, especially her kids. Start teaching the value of independence, so you will not need to be around them all the time. Teach them housework and other valuable skills, which will come in handy when they become teens and young adults.

You’ll always be a supermom!

Admittedly, being a supermom is just a label. Being a mom alone is already a “super” achievement. But you can always outdo and outperform yourself when you know your priorities in life.

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