Three Ways to Inspire Your Students to Write, Write, Write

There are usually two types of young writers in the class: those who have the writer’s bug and those who don’t. You know well the latter. These kids would rather solve math problems or arrange art supplies to avoid writing. Then, there’s the former who would start scribbling without a care in the world—that is, until the thrill of fairy tales or talking animals has waned.

In both types of writers, one thing is surely necessary: inspiration. And teachers have the responsibility to give that to students. If you want to inspire and re-inspire your young pupils to write, here are some helpful tips.

Let them embrace the fact that they’re writers

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Most students think of writing exercises as mere tasks. That’s why it almost always feels like they’re under compulsion. If they see writing as a natural outflow of who they are though, they would be more inclined to do it. So, before you go into your writing sessions, make it a priority to remind them of who they are: young writers.

Validate them by offering praise when they’re able to apply your lessons. Consider printing their works. There’s free online book publishing available you can take advantage of. Organize a book launch, inviting their parents and other members of the school community, and introduce them as accomplished young writers. This will surely boost their confidence in writing more.

Encourage them to write what they want

Although you have lots of writing styles and ideas to teach, it pays to give them freedom once in a while at what and how they should write. This puts less pressure on the children and makes writing fun. Plus, you’d be able to get a handful of different writing formats, from poems and fairy tales to journal entries and fables. This will not only give variety to your class book but also make as perfect examples on your writing lessons in the future.

When you’re able to highlight your students’ work as illustrations in your lectures, they get a boost in morale again, which would further inspire them to write. Of course, it goes without saying that as you encourage them to write whatever, you’d also offer them feedback to ensure that they’re doing it right.

Give them reading assignments

You can also simply ask them to pick a book they want to read. Reading plays a huge role in writing. The more children are exposed to different literary materials, the more that they become motivated to write their own.
It can very well shape early on the possibility of having writing as a career much later in life. The beauty of reading lots of materials is it also improves writing. Kids will be able to pick up subconsciously styles of writing, which can help in letting them find their voice.

Young kids can get easily bored, frustrated or disengaged with writing. But there are many ways to inspire and re-inspire them. The key is just to be there for them every step of their writing journey.

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