DIY Home Cleaning: Tips For Cleaning Your House

DIY Home Cleaning

The safety and security of your home provide a sense of comfort from the outside world. It is also where you can build strong relationships with family and friends. Since people spend roughly half their day in this place, maintaining its tidiness impacts a person’s physical and mental well-being. Here are some tips to help you create a cozy environment everyone can enjoy for years to come!

List Of 15 Easy DIY Cleaning Hacks For Home

When cleaning the home, some essential tips can save time and make the job easier. You can use different do-it-yourself house cleaning liquids and tools to get good results. DIY cleaners allow you to clean the whole house without worrying about harsh chemicals. So here are 15 easy DIY cleaning hacks you can try to make the most of your time.

Use Olive Oil to Polish Surfaces

Did you know that olive oil isn’t just good for your health but also has useful applications around the house? It makes an excellent cleaning agent for stainless steel materials such as pots and pans. Olive oil is ideal for buffing out furniture and can effectively loosen up any pesky stain, grease, or grime on surfaces. All it takes is a bit of olive oil on a soft cloth to achieve spotless results – rub in a circular motion until all spots are gone!

Use Vodka to Remove Carpet Stains

You can use rubbing alcohol, clear vodka, or even white wine for this cleaning hack. Start by blotting away any excess liquid on the stain and then pour an appropriate amount of clear alcohol directly onto it. This method is far more effective than store-bought products!

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Reclaim your dishwasher’s former glory by mixing baking soda and vinegar. Start by sprinkling one cup of baking soda at the bottom of an empty appliance and let it sit overnight. When done, run a hot cycle using vinegar as a detergent to cleanse and refresh the interior. Last but not least, remember to remove any debris from the filter! You’ll be amazed by how fresh your machine will smell after completing these simple steps!

Lemon Juice

Lemon is an exceptional cleaning agent, as its acidity is a natural disinfectant and bleaching agent. Plus, the refreshing citrus aroma ensures that your home has a fresh scent while you are busy scrubbing away dirt! Before using lemon juice or lemon oil to clean any surface, test it in a small-scale area first. Afterward, rinse with warm water and mild soap before drying off with cloths for best results.

But you should never apply lemon juice to natural stone or granite surfaces, such as tiles, counters, floors, or countertops. Be aware that it can spark corrosion on brass-plated items.

Castile soap

Castile soap is the ultimate green cleaning solution! This gentle cleanser originates in Spain’s Castile region and consists of natural ingredients like 100 percent pure olive oil, water, and lye. You can clean the bathroom, kitchen, walls, floors, and carpets.

Castile soap is an all-purpose cleaner you can use as laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, and floor cleaner. Its endless versatility makes it among the most popular cleaning solutions today.

Use a Spray Bottle

Forget the traditional mop-and-bucket method – it only creates more of a mess due to the dirty water sloshing around. All you need to do is to fill an empty spray bottle with diluted cleaning solution. This no-mess system allows you to clean and sanitize surfaces with ease. A spray bottle makes everyday cleaning a breeze.

Lemon Oil and White

Frequent cleaning is necessary to bring back the initial sheen to your wooden furniture and accessories. For an even more dazzling shine, try combining equal parts white vinegar and lemon oil – not only will it enhance the luminescence of your wood, but it will also be good for Mother Nature!

Use Essential Oils for an All-Purpose Cleaner

This all-around, eco-friendly cleaning solution works on many surfaces except for wood. To make it yourself, you’ll need two cups of water, two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, half a teaspoon of Castile Soap, and one tablespoon of baking soda. Pour the solution into a spray bottle, then shake well. To use this homemade all-purpose cleaner – spritz it onto your desired surface and simply wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth!

Lemon Oil to Degrease the Oven

Not only does lemon essential oil provide a delightful scent, but it is also the perfect natural degreaser for those hard-to-remove grease stains. Mix one cup of water and one cup of vinegar with this potent oil, spray onto your stovetop or oven racks, then wipe away. You can also sprinkle baking soda on tough spots before spritzing on the solution to prevent any kitchen fires caused by the build-up from grease. In no time, you’ll have a sparkling clean surface.

Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Brighten up your hardwood floors with this easy-to-create, natural cleaning solution! You’ll need half a cup of white vinegar, one gallon of warm water, a few drops of lemon essential oil, and a two-gallon bucket. To mix it all, pour the ingredients into the larger container. When ready to use, put a small portion of the eco-friendly solution on a mop head and apply it to the floors. Use this homemade cleaner to get those boards shining again in no time at all!

Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Bugs

A mixture of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol is a surefire way to stop bedbugs in their tracks. Spray the homemade bed bug spray into the infested areas and any new places they may be hiding or looking to call home—this will keep them from breeding or multiplying.

Cleaning the Toilet with Essential Oils

Transform your toilet into a germ-free haven with all-natural homemade cleaners. Mix one cup of baking soda and 15 drops each of tea tree oil and lemon or orange essential oil to create the perfect concoction for sparkling cleanliness. Let it sit in the bowl for 30 minutes, then clean using a toilet brush before flushing. You can also use the mixture to wipe clean the toilet seat.

Bathroom Cleaning

Use Lemon to Clean the Garbage Disposal

Consistent garbage disposal maintenance is essential to keep clogs at bay and odors away. To clean it effectively, cut a fresh lemon or lime into quarters, then place them one by one into the running disposal for an effective deodorizing experience.

Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hair

When you’re in a pinch, quickly don a rubber cleaning glove and glide it across your upholstery to grab all of the fuzz. The static energy created by rubbing the glove on fabric causes pet hair, lint, and other small debris to stick to it like glue – making it an incredibly effective conductor.

Use Lemon Oil to Clean the Microwave

You can clean your microwave naturally and safely. Take fifteen drops of lemon essential oil and mix it with one-and-a-half cups of water. Place the mixture into a microwave-safe bowl, then set the oven on high heat for five to ten minutes. Let the steam build up inside until all food residues have been softened. Finally, use a sponge or damp cloth to wipe away any remaining pieces!

These are just some DIY cleaning hacks for your home that can help you create a cleaner and more inviting environment. With these tips, you can save time and energy while achieving maximum results. So, remember to try them next time you take on a cleaning task.

DIY Home Cleaning – Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do I need while cleaning the house?

You only need a few tools to clean your house. Some essential items include a mop, broom, vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, cleaning cloth, sponges, and scouring pads. You can also use homemade DIY cleaners such as baking soda, vinegar, or lemon juice.

What is the best homemade household cleaner?

The best homemade household cleaner depends on the type of surface you are cleaning. You can use white vinegar and water as an all-purpose cleaner for hard surfaces. Baking soda is also great for scrubbing away dirt and grime from counters and appliances. For tougher stains, use lemon essential oil mixed with baking soda as a natural and eco-friendly cleaner.

Is it safe to use chemicals for cleaning the home?

Using chemical cleaners for home cleaning is not recommended because they can contain harsh ingredients that are harmful to your health and the environment. It is always best to go for natural alternatives such as vinegar, lemon juice, or essential oils.

What are the best ways to wipe out the stains naturally?

The best way to wipe out the stains naturally is to use a mixture of baking soda and water. Baking soda is an effective stain remover and will help remove dirt from surfaces without leaving any residue. Another great option is lemon juice, which can act as a natural bleaching agent for tough stains like red wine or grease.

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