Top 5 Areas of the House that Require Regular Cleaning

Woman cleaning the kitchen counter

Are you pressed for time? It’s a common malady for busy people to sometimes miss on a day of cleaning or two. It won’t be a perfect household anytime, especially if you have pets or kids in the area that can wreak havoc on your well-arranged shelves.

The most important thing to consider is to have high priority areas in your home for cleaning when you do not have enough time to do a full sweep of your home. Here are some top priority areas that you need to maintain in good condition so that you have a very peaceful experience even with your busy schedule.

1. The Bathroom

The bathroom is the ultimate seat of hygiene in your home. A clean bathroom leads to good health in general. A dirty bathroom can be a breeding ground for bacteria and harmful viruses that can cause danger to you and your family. Taking a bath daily can become a chore if you are always beset with clogged drains from stray hair fall remnants and undisposed containers of your toiletries.

Keep your bathroom clean by always picking off the tiny things that can cause drainage issues like soap suds and stray fallen hair strands. Also, make sure that the flush is working so that bacteria from fecal matter will not live in the atmosphere of your bathroom. Toothbrushes should not be stored without covers since after each person poops, the bacteria float in the air for an hour, and toothbrushes and other objects can absorb it.

2. The Windows

The windows allow you to see the outside world. It’s also a glaring problem visually if you have a lot of dirt or grime on the windows. If you have an industrial type of window or a home office style, you might even need occasional window washing services done on it. For regular days, you need to make sure that dust particles don’t settle on the glass, the curtains are generally clean and free from mites or dust, and it remains closed especially at night for your safety.

3. The Kitchen

Food is prepared in the kitchen. As such, you need to practice the highest level of sanitation here. The kitchen counters need to stay dry, occasionally layered with antibacterial cleansers. Make sure that pots and pans don’t overstay and are promptly addressed on the dishwasher.

4. The Bedroom

Steam cleaning the bedroom carpetAfter a hard day’s work, nothing is more relaxing than coming home to a clean room. Your bed needs to be free of nasty bugs and need to have fresh sheets as frequently as you can afford to wash them. The dust under the bed can also accumulate and needs sweeping every morning to make sure that you don’t develop allergies over time. Having a salt lamp also helps clean the air. If you have carpets, you also need to air dry them from time to time.

5. Ceilings and Floors

Your house guests don’t need to know about what spiders are living in your home. A good multipurpose vacuum cleaner can help get rid of tiny debris and the things that are floating on your ceiling area. A good old broom also does the trick in some cases.


No matter how busy you are, always make time to clean up so that the small clutter issues will not snowball into big and unmanageable ones.

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