Top 5 Water Heater Problems

water heater

A water heater is perhaps the priciest component in your plumbing system. As such, you expect that it will serve you for two decades. However, you must maintain a water heater to keep it in excellent condition and ensure that it serves you for years. Also, since hot water is vital for your home use, you ought to keep the system in top condition. However, problems still arise even after regular maintenance since the unit is prone to wear and tear.

The worst water heater issue every homeowner dreads is a leaking tank. Unfortunately, you might have to replace your water heater when its tank starts leaking, which is quite costly. However, most of the other water heater problems can be solved if you realize them early enough.

No Hot Water

The issue of no hot water is common in water heaters. It shows that the unit is not functioning at all. It usually happens when the energy source, whether electricity or gas, fails to produce heat. You should hire experts in water heater repair in Orem to fix the issue as soon as you notice it. Also, since the equipment used to turn energy into heat for an electric water heater is different from a gas water heater, the repair process is entirely different.


You will automatically know that something is wrong with your water heater unit if you have realized scalding water coming from the kitchen tap. Usually, you will realize the issue when some elements of the water heater are overheated, which is caused by the accumulation of sediment. You need to call an expert to drain or flush the unit to get rid of the residue.

Not Enough Hot Water

not enough water

Hot water units also experience the problems of failing to produce enough hot water. Before you call a technician, make sure that you first adjust the temperature dial in the water heater’s front. Wait for some time before checking the water temperature at a faucet. If that method does not work, you need to call a repair technician to inspect the unit and fix the problem.

Colored Water

This is an indication that your water heater is corroding away and rusting. As such, you need to hire a repair technician to replace the anode rod to prevent further damage. The anode rod precludes the accumulation of rust in your tank, which saves you from the cost of replacing the water heater due to a damaged tank.

Water Temperature Too Cold or Too Hot

Sometimes thermostat settings can cause a water heater to produce too hot or too cold water. You can start by adjusting the thermostat to your desired temperature. If this fails to work, then your thermostat must be faulty. Therefore, you ought to hire an expert to replace the thermostat or check on any other faulty component to ensure maximum performance.

Water heaters are valued appliances in most homes. Therefore, you should hire a plumber when you notice any of these signs before the system stops functioning altogether. Also, you should never perform any repairs on your water heater without the help of an expert.

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