What is virtual reality?

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A virtual reality experience in London could be something players have been looking for. This environment can take gamers completely out of their own heads and into a brand new world. This is a completely immersive entertainment and allows players to really feel the new world around them. They can grab their friends and family and step onto a whole different plane. Players will have the opportunity to choose the game that they enter and work together as a team to solve a series of puzzles and simulations. Every effort is made to ensure that all players can access games, but players are expected to be able to carry the equipment needed for the experience on their back. In these unprecedented times, every effort is taken to make sure that the environment remains safe, this includes regular cleaning, particularly at high touch point areas, offering masks to those players who would feel more comfortable in one and keeping up to date with government guidelines. This article will run through what games might be on offer and how players could access these experiences.

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What games can you play?

There are a number of different ways players can experience virtual reality. They could enter the world of Toonstrike, where they need to protect the realm of Altesa, previously known as the happiest place in the world. If zombies are more of a player’s thing, Overrun could be for them. A failed experiment has led to a zombie outbreak. It will take time travel, teamwork and effort to defeat the infiltrating zombies. This game has more levels so players can come back time and time again. If players were wanting to save humanity from aliens then the game Strike Team Delta could be for them. Players could see which of the games would be best for them and their friends and book onto their chosen platform. If a potential player thinks one of these games could be for them, then they should continue reading on to the next section to read about how these experiences work.

What are the rules?

When considering using virtual reality, there are a number of measures put in place to keep all patrons safe. This could be wearing contact lenses instead of glasses to make sure your eyes are protected in the VR goggles. Players usually need to be 13 years of age to be able to play these games, if they happen to be aged between 13-17 they will normally need to be accompanied, to make sure that everyone remains safe. If a player is thinking that this entertainment could be the one for them, they should consider using the provider’s website to book their tickets, as the earlier they book their tickets, the cheaper the cost will probably be, due to the dynamic pricing that is sometimes offered by these venues. Players should be assured their every need will be taken care of when they play these games, so they should consider taking the plunge and trying something new for their next get together with friends or family. Everyone should have a chance to escape reality, even if it is just for a little while.

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