What are my brace options and what should I expect?


Deciding to get adult braces can be challenging, as you might have concerns about how the appliance will affect your appearance. Fortunately, the design of braces has improved dramatically since orthodontics was introduced to society. The straightening aids currently on the market are more comfortable and slick than ever before.

So what are your choices? Read on to find out.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces enjoy widespread use because they’re extremely effective in moving pearly whites to a better position.

Contrary to popular belief, metal braces don’t comprise large brackets and an uncomfortable wiring system as they did in the past. If you decide on this orthodontic device, small brackets are affixed to the front of your teeth with thin wire woven through them.

You’ll find that metal braces aren’t nearly as noticeable as you thought, as the device is subtle. Additionally, you’ll only experience pain and discomfort when you first have the device applied to your teeth and after check-ups when your orthodontist tightens your braces. Otherwise, you can carry on with life unimpeded by your braces.

If you’re highly self-conscious about wearing braces, ceramic braces might be a viable alternative to standard straightening aids. Ceramic braces are identical to conventional appliances in almost every way, except that the brackets are made from tooth-coloured porcelain, not metal. Therefore, ceramic braces are less evident to others than its counterpart.

teeth with braces

Clear aligners and removal appliances

Clear aligners are often removable translucent trays, invisible to the naked eye. They are a preferred method for those with mild to moderate dental issues, so if yours is a complicated or unique case, your orthodontist might advise using something more conventional.

The  primary perk to using clear aligners is their appearance as you can wear them without others being any the wiser. This device is suitable for workers who don’t want their professional image tarnished by wearing obvious braces. Slip them over your teeth and forget about them as you get down to business. The only time you’ll remove them is when you brush your teeth or eat.

Similar to clear aligners, removable appliances work to correct minor tooth imperfections. You can slip them over your teeth and forget about them as you perform your daily activities.

What are the dos and don’ts to wearing braces?

Whether you decide on fixed or detachable appliances, there are a few universal rules to wearing braces, these include:

  • Take extra care to keep your teeth clean, especially if you can’t remove your braces. You must prevent contracting gum diseases and oral infections. This includes cleaning your appliance trays regularly with cleaning solvents.
  • Watch what you eat, even if you own a removable device. Sticky, chewy and hard food, as well as beverages that stain, should be avoided at all costs.
  • Drink lots of water. Not only is the drink healthy for you, but it washes away food and debris that sticks to your braces.
  • See your orthodontist regularly. This way, your progress can be tracked and monitored during those times you feel disheartened by slow progress.
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