Why Having a Hot Tub is an Amazing Alternative to Visiting the Spa

Male and female in a hot tub

Did you know you can experience all the benefits of a spa from the comforts of your own home? Instead of going to the spa frequently, you can have a hot tub installed in your home and practically enjoy the same therapeutic effects of a spa.

Granted, the two don’t function in the same way, but they’re more alike in more ways than you might think. And if you’re living in Salt Lake City, many hot tub dealers are available to help you get a good hot tub for your relaxation needs. But first, here’s how stepping into a hot tub is a great alternative to going to the spa:

Relieves your stress

Hydrotherapy involves using water of varying temperatures to cure or relieve health problems. Water therapy helps in the recovery of strained muscles after athletic activity. It also works well in alleviating the effects of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attributes.

Before modern technology, hydrotherapy was done within hot mineral springs in natural locations. Now, you can do water therapy inside expensive steam baths or spas, or achieve the same in your hot tub at home.

Makes your skin glow

A good, long dip inside your hot tub can improve your skin’s appearance. Soaking in warm water opens up your pores and cleanses all the dirt and toxins away, making your skin feel clearer and more supple afterward.

Also, since a warm bath stimulates blood flow, it can bring more nutrients and oxygen to your largest organ. It can help also moisturize dry skin, as well as ease the pains of burns, wounds, and inflammation. For the best effects, you can install a water softener to ensure clean water flow.

Reduces blood pressure

One of the most evident benefits of warm water contact is it reduces blood pressure. Spending a twenty-minute session in a warm hot tub causes your blood vessels to dilate, facilitating better blood flow and ultimately reducing blood pressure. Similar to a spa, a hot tub bath also improves your blood flow and increases your heart rate as if you’re getting a stationary exercise.

Depending on the model, a hot tub’s jets can provide a relaxing massage that can deliver controlled yet intense pressure onto various points in your body, further improving blood flow.

Improves sleep quality

By relieving your body of stress, bathing inside a hot tub can improve your quality of sleep. It does this by regulating your body’s temperature. Once you step into a warm hot tub, your body’s core temperature increases. Once you step out, it decreases, simulating the “cool down” effect that your body experiences right before going to sleep. What’s more, a warm bath causes a release of endorphins, which eases your body into a deep sleep.

Lowers blood sugar levels

People relaxing in a hot tub

A bath in a hot tub can improve blood sugar levels, especially if you are unable to exercise to regulate your blood glucose and cut insulin resistance. Hot tub therapy works by dilating your blood vessels, thereby improving insulin absorption. This result is consistent with studies analyzing the effect of hot tub therapy to patients of Type 2 Diabetes. But before undergoing this treatment, make sure to consult with your doctor about the proper approach.

The ideal way to relax differs from people to people. Nonetheless, it’s great to know that you didn’t need to spend so much money on spa sessions when you have an easier alternative through a home-based hot tub.

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