Workable Ways to Keep Your Cowboy Boots in Shape

Classic cowboy boots

Regular cleaning is vital if your cowboy boots would be undergoing plenty of abuse. This does not only prolong their life but also get rid of a dusty and scuffed appearance that can be an eyesore. If you have never owned a pair before, know all the important maintenance practices before you shop for men’s cowboy boots. This helps avoid costly mistakes once your pair arrives. Below are workable ways to keep your boots in shape and make them last for a long time:

Waterproof Them

Cowboy boots meant for any work would be exposed to all kinds of elements. Water can damage the leather, regardless of the type of finish used. While water damage restoration is still an option, it might not restore the boots to their original look. Fortunately, spraying the boots with a silicone polymer spray offers protection against water and other elements. Every dealer will claim to have the best spray out there. Make sure that whatever you buy would not expose you or the leather to any risks.

Clean Them Regularly

Waterproofing helps a lot, but it’s not enough. If your boots have dirt, mud, and other debris, clean it as soon as possible. Remove the debris before cleaning your boots with water and soap. To avoid damaging the finish, use a soft-bristled brush. If the seams, nooks, and crannies are dirty, a toothbrush will remove the dirt effectively and safely. If you must use water and soap, let them dry before storing them or applying any finish. Suede cowboy boots should not be exposed to water.

Invest in a Boot Jack

Removing cowboy boots can be a challenge. Pulling and tagging will work eventually, but it exposes your boots to unnecessary stress. Prying off a boot with its partner’s heel is a bad move because you risk damaging not only the leather but also the heel. A boot jack saves your boots and your time. It is advisable to keep one by the door.

Store Your Boots Properly

Cowboy boots stored on shelvesStoring your boots the right way helps prevent bothersome creases. It’s true that the boots would crease in line to your feet and walking style. However, such creases will not be an eyesore compared to random, undesired ones. If you would not be using your boots for a couple of weeks, get some boot shapers. Keep your boots away from pets, especially dogs.

Condition the Boots

Condition your boots appropriately if you want them to last, as conditioning adds flexibility and strength. But choose a conditioner carefully. You need a safe one that would enhance the color of your boots. It is normal for boots to appear darker after the application of a conditioner. However, be careful not to use one that would make them strikingly darker or drastically change their color.

Only genuine cowboy boots would be good value for money. Fake ones would not last regardless of the maintenance approaches you use. So be mindful when shopping for men’s cowboy boots and find one that will be durable and strong.

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