Writing 101: Essential Tips for Creative People

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With more and more people hooked up online, a lot of apps and websites are propping up to become a storytelling platform. Apart from them, you have social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram where you can share tidbits of your life to the world.

With the availability of such platforms, more and more people have now the guts to bring out their creative juices online. They write a book there for free, which Internet users may read also for free. Thus, how would one become a superstar writer in this day and age? Here are some tips that can help you bring out the creative juices in you:

Start Writing Now

If you’ve decided to start writing, why not do it now? Producing that desired book you have in mind will surely take time. However, you won’t be seeing the results if you don’t do it now.

Start with a few journals or a diary of your everyday experiences. If you’re mad or happy, you can also write down your feelings. Remember that success comes through small beginnings.

Fiction or Nonfiction?

This might be the hard part, but you need to choose which one would best suit your writing skills. Evaluate yourself. Evaluate your writing skills. Are you more the factual and historical type? Or are you the creative one that can describe an object using more than five adjectives? If you’ve had previous articles written during your school days, you might check with your teacher on how he or she assesses your writing skills. Surely, you have that journal you can use as a reference.

Kick-off with a free website

There are a lot of free websites that you can choose from. There are WordPress and Wix that can help you get a good template for your own website. You can write your stories there. Don’t forget to link them to your social media accounts so that your friends can check out your blog. You may, later on, ask them to critic your blog and work on improving your write-ups.

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Also, don’t forget to consider other story platforms to ensure that you’ll have a wide reader coverage for your work. Publish it there, and let the world read and see your piece of hard work.

Reread and edit

You don’t want to be corrected with misspelled words and grammar use, right? Reread and check out portions in your write-up that needs editing. If you need to do a lot of drafts, then do so. You know that a published book also took time to do revisions and checking, right? Be patient with your work of art. If you can afford one, hire an editor to make things easier for you. If not, there are online services like Grammarly that you can use for your grammar needs.

However you like to start your own writing career, keep in mind to always put your heart and mind into it. Take inspiration from your everyday life and experiences. Surely, you’ll come up with a great book that you can show off for the world to read.

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