Your Simple Guide to Building Rapport with Clients

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The foundations of business should always be stable. This is why you need to continuously improve the core areas of your brand: operations, sales, and client relations. The first two are often quantifiable, meaning they can be figure-based. The latter is subjective.

And if you notice, the fate of operations and sales depends on your relationship with your client. This is why you need to invest in building your relationship with them: you will need to build trust and make them dependent on you.

And it all starts with building client rapport, something that you will learn in any effective key account management course. Some often take this dimension for granted, but they are actually important in making sure that your clients will trust you for a long time.

It is not always easy, especially if your interests are always obvious. Therefore, you need to depend on these two things: sincerity and professionalism. Below are some of the ways you can actually build a lasting rapport with your client.

Strategy #1: Find mutual interests

You will not be able to break the ice if you do not create small talk. For you to start small talk, you need to find common ground. The common ground will spark up topics for conversations and subjects that will make you and your client excited.

If you and your client have mutual interests, both of you will be comfortable dealing with each other. You do not always have to find a mutual interest, but you may take an interest in the things that make them tick; that way, you will appear that you have learned something new.

Strategy #2: But don’t get too personal

Salesman talking to a clientWhile your mutual interests make for a good conversation topic, you need to be wary about getting to close with them. You can be friendly, but do not be too friendly that it jeopardizes your professional relationship. If you are too friendly with the client, they may find a venue to exploit your services and even abuse the relationship that you have with them.

Strategy #3: Create a good impression

Clients sometimes are snobs, and they will not talk to you unless you catch their attention. This is why you need to create a good impression. Start with your clothing.

Smart casual will always be the go-to dress code. Fix your hair, and wear a good pair of shoes. When you talk, be sincere and be gentle. You do not want to catch them off guard at your first meeting, right?

Strategy #4: Be a good listener

You may find yourself talking and talking, but you have to fight the urge to do it. You will need to listen. Listening will help you learn more details about them — from their professional to personal lives. Listening intently will also give you some time to choose a topic and your words when you will have to reply to them.

Client rapport is the start of a good client relationship. Follow the tips above and find a way to spice up your existing client relationships.

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