10 Design Ideas to Add Some Rustic Charm into Your Home

rustic interior

A home with a “rustic” style describes a design that’s natural, casual, aged, and rough. You won’t find flashy, gimmicky, and modern furnishings inside this house. What’s more, the color palette for the items in the interior is predictably natural. You can expect the earthy tones in living spaces, such as browns, greens, and grays.

If you want to depart from the modern or sleek home decor and enjoy the rustic splendor of a barn home, you’ll need to design your interior wisely. Here are 10 ways to make your house look like a rustic-style pad:

Update Your Entryways

Rather than stick to the conventional apartment-like doors, replace your entryways with beautiful barn doors. A sliding barn door, for instance, delivers a new dimension to your interior decor. These entryways look great on pantries and help define large living spaces in your home.

Give Unique Items the Spotlight

Do you have one-of-a-kind knickknacks lying around or gathering dust in your basement? Now is an excellent time to use them for your overall decoration. These pieces are more than just conversation starters. They elevate a rustic chic living space by making it feel special.

If you need more distinct household ornaments, consider checking out thrift shops, flea markets, and stores that sell one-of-a-kind trinkets. As much as possible, avoid pieces with a perfect-looking finish. Focus on items that have unique characteristics, such as roughened edges and surface blemishes. These imperfections make a knickknack unique and rustic.

Display Faux Natural Objects

You could add “fake” decor if you’re having trouble looking for original objects. Just make sure they have the vibe or look of a natural element. A couple of examples are organic-themed ceramics and faux bois wallpaper.

“DIY” Your Decorations

If you can’t find unique items in your home, think about taking a DIY approach. Get some wooden materials and dirt and create customized rustic pieces that highlight your personality. You could build a floating shelf that you and your family will love for years to come.

Adopt a Neutral and Light Color Scheme

Earth tones, as well as warm whites and grays, usually make up the foundational palette of rustic chic living space.  When thinking about the colors for your interior, consider accents that originate from earth colors. A couple of examples you could consider are soft brown and pale green. If you want to pull off a rustic style, you have to accept a color scheme that celebrates nature’s imperfections.

Include Reclaimed Timber in Your Overall Decor

woodwork project

The original purpose of a rustic barn is to house livestock and store grains and other farm food. Barn makers focused on building these structures to improve overall functionality.

A major component found in barns is wood — specifically timber. If you’re going to decorate your home, think about adding reclaimed timber in your interior. Use it to build parts of your house, such as the staircase. Also, you don’t need to cover reclaimed wood. Keep the appearance as is. Timber components can bring the nostalgia of a rustic barn.

Choose Quality over Quantity

When pulling off a rustic decor style, keep the essentials simple. Less is more in this kind of style.

Let’s say you’re looking for furniture for your dining room. When shopping at a thrift store, look for well-crafted and sturdy furniture. Even if the tables or chairs are showing their age, they should be okay so long as the artisan constructed them properly. If you managed to find sturdy but aged furniture, give yourself a round of applause. You just found a solid decoration piece that serves as a lovely foundation for your rustic decor.

Install a Country Kitchen Sink

Getting a butler’s sink can turn your kitchen into a rustic space. You’ll often find this type of sink in a farmhouse or country home. People typically use this sink to wash veggies straight from the farm or clean clothes.

Display Your Kitchen Items Proudly

Don’t stash away your pots, pans, cups, and mugs. Traditional country kitchens don’t store every bit of item neatly in cabinets or cupboards. If that utensil or item is useful and charming, display it for everyone to see. Make sure you curate the items you show in your kitchen.

Add an Unexpected Feminine Touch

Although the concept of rustic and rugged style is typically masculine, this shouldn’t stop you from throwing something different into the equation. Introduce balance to your decor by introducing unexpected feminine elements. Take a chandelier as an example. This ceiling decoration brings a soft and elegant glamour to any space.

Bring the rustic charm of a barn in your home by applying these 10 design ideas. The rustic style is definitely for homeowners who want to enjoy that simplistic “log cabin” feel they get when they stay in a humble lodge.

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