3 Secrets to a Successful Long Distance Move

Couple packing their things

Understandably, the thought of uprooting your life and relocating to a new place is quite scary. You get to leave all your friends behind and start building new relationships from scratch. With such a daunting task ahead of you, the lasting thing you want is to make the process painful.

In addition to hiring a reliable moving company here in Sydney, you can ensure a smooth and painless process.

Refine your packing abilities

News flash. You’re packing up your earthly belongings and handing them to a mover with the hopes of having them show up at your new place, thousands of miles away. While the company movers might be professional and all, the workers at the warehouses and storage facilities might not be.

That means there is a likelihood of your boxes being dropped, tosses and turned upside down. Packing your boxes tightly is the only way to ensure that precious items stay safe in the face of such an onslaught. Newspapers, grocery bags, bubble wrap, or moving paper make excellent wrappers when packing.

Pack every box like a jigsaw puzzle to ensure nothing is rattling around. Clothing items such as jeans are exceptional in filling up spaces when packing large items. They will cushion the items and to save you the cost of packing peanuts. It reduces the number of boxes you have to move while saving on moving costs.

Purge, purge, purge

One thing you should know about an interstate move is that the weight of your possession has a direct impact on the cost. The more you have to move, the higher the tab. Letting go of some of your belongings before the move can save you a tidy bundle of cash.

Understandably, purging your home is a painful exercise, and that’s why you shouldn’t attempt to do it all at once. For the best results, spread the process over several weeks or months before the relocation. Make the time and purge each room in the house.

Some of the items you can purge include, old books, old clothing items, that old couch, anything that you no longer use. You can donate some of the purged items to the Salvation Army, a homeless shelter or even a thrift store. Alternatively, you can hold a garage sale and raise a few bucks.

Label your boxes

LAbeling a box

Ordinarily, labelling your moving boxes helps with the unpacking process as the movers will deposit them in their rightful place in the new home. With long distance moves, labelling boxes does that and more. See, if you are moving thousands of miles away, the mover won’t throw your items in a truck and hit the road until you get to the destination.

In most cases, there will be numerous interconnecting journeys before the movers show up at your doorstep. That means there will be various loading and offloading sessions in a various warehouse along the way. Mistakes and mix-ups are likely to happen during such switchovers.

Labelling your boxes with your name can contacts help the movers keep track of your items, reducing the chance of getting misplaced. In the event of a mistake, it becomes increasingly easier to track down your stuff. If your stuff ends up at the wrong house, the recipients are likely to call you if the boxes have your phone number.

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