Festive Holidays with Black Christmas Décor: From Tree to the Tables

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When you think of Christmas, what are the colors that come to mind?

This December holiday is often associated with the bright colors of red and green, often paired with flecks of gold, white and plenty of glitters and sparkles. Christmas is a bright season celebrated with bright colors, which are often seen in the decoration. From the lights to the wrapped gifts under the tree, everything is colorful during Christmas.

But if you want to shake things up this coming December, here’s an idea: black Christmas tree and decorations.

OK, it sounds weird at first. Black may be a favorite color in color psychology but never associated with Christmas. Celebrating a festive holiday with dark shades is either unconventional or a violation of the jolly holiday of Saint Nick. Plus, the idea of having a black Christmas tree may not sit well with the family, especially with the kids.

Still, it pays to be different once in a while. Plus, black Christmas ideas need not be dreary or dull.

With a little creativity, you can pull off black Christmas trees and decorations that will wow your family, friends and other loved ones.

Why You Should Go With Black Christmas Decors This Year

Black is a color that many people like. It is always style and forever considered chic. So if you want something chic and classic for this year’s Christmas décor, you can’t go wrong with going black.

While most people associate green and red, silver and gold and other bright colors with Christmas, that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise everyone with black. Decking the halls with a black Christmas tree and other black holiday decorations shows off your Christmas spirit in the chicest way possible. Black Christmas decorations can make your space look festive and vintage at the same time.

Whether you start small with black Christmas tree decorations or deck out your home with black mistletoes, black and white lights and all things black, it’s fun to mix and match your Christmas tradition with something new. Adding black accents to your home creates a surprising and elegant look that is perfect for those Christmas photos, too!

First Things First: The Black Christmas Tree

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Photo by Andre Gorham II on Unsplash

If you don’t know where to start with your black Christmas agenda, start with your tree.

“But what does a black Christmas tree mean? Isn’t it dark for a bright holiday?” you might wonder. There’s no special or dark meaning behind the black Christmas tree. But it is a growing trend since more people prefer to shake their holidays up by forgoing the green pine trees for a darker Christmas tree.

But why are people buying black Christmas trees?

Some people love black; others want to put a modern and more personal twist to their holiday traditions. Black Christmas tree decorations also bring your pure gothic dreams to life. A few black ornaments for your Christmas tree can also give some Dracula vibes for a different celebration of Christmas.

So how do you decorate a black Christmas tree for Christmas?

Here are some black Christmas tree ideas.

How to Decorate a Black Christmas Tree

Start with the lights. Use many white or black wire clear lights for your black Christmas tree. If you want the lights to be less visible, use the black wire lights instead. Make sure to decorate at least a strand of 100 lights per foot height of the tree.

For example, if you have an eight-foot-tall tree, use eight strands of 100 lights minimum. You can add more if you want to.

If your tree is already pre-lit, feel free to add more lights to achieve that glowing black Christmas tree look.

Next, it’s time for the ornaments. You can always shop for black ornaments for your Christmas tree or ornaments in different colors (as long as they match the feel of your black Christmas tree).

For example, if you want a black and gold Christmas tree, shop for gold spheres and place them on your tree, evenly spaced apart.

What else do you put on a black Christmas tree?

Here are some black Christmas tree ornament ideas:

  • Chalkboard ornament. Personalize your décor with a chalkboard ornament, which you can write your message on. Most of these chalkboard ornaments cost $8 and below.
  • Rustic tin bar star. If you want to add a rustic touch to your black Christmas tree, add a tin bar star on the top of it. The rustic star would be perfect on the black tree, especially if you pair it with black and red buffalo plaid.
  • Black and white Christmas balls. White and black ornaments with sparkling and shiny finishes, which would look well on your black Christmas tree.
  • Miniature black lanterns. Shop for small lanterns with a black stylized décor scheme.
  • Black vintage customizable ceramic ornament. These ornaments are available in different shapes, such as circles, squares, stars and hearts. Most ceramic ornaments also have a lace-like quality.

When it comes to decorating your ornaments, make sure that all the ornaments are evenly spaced apart. Place the spheres first before you add your uniquely shaped ornaments. Another rule of thumb is to put the larger ornaments on the bottom. The smaller ones should be on top of the Christmas tree.

Once you’ve decorated your black Christmas tree with ornaments, cap everything off with a topper. Finish your decorations by cleaning the area. Place the tree’s skirt to top your decorations.

How to Decorate Your Home with Black Christmas Ornaments

christmas tree decorations

Complement your black Christmas tree with ornaments that match the chic feel of your décor.

Here are some black Christmas ideas to consider:

Add Christmas Wall Ornament Decals

These decals often include round ornaments that feature different patterns. Choose decals with white patterns. The usual patterns are white stripes, stars, snowflakes and a church. Complement your white wall decals with smaller ornaments that are solid black. Place them in the entryway or behind the couch to make your decorations easier.

Hang Lace Ball Ornaments and Waterford Pearls

These beautiful round ornaments often feature a solid background, which is made prettier with intricate lace detailing. Choose a lace ball ornament that has a black background. Most of these ornaments come with ribbons and pearls, too. They make for perfect centerpieces or luxury decorations you can place on a mantle.

Tie Plenty of Black and White Bow Ornaments

Apart from having a black and white Christmas tree, you can also add black and white bow ornaments around the house. These ornaments give your décor a homespun look. While you can use these bows on your tree, they also look nice dangling from a window to create a festive look.

Metallics for Your Tablescape

A copper and black table décor is a nice departure from the traditional green or red. The combination is also a more sophisticated color scheme that screams festive and classic. The best part is if you feel lazy with redecorating for New Year’s eve, you can just leave the décor up. You can’t ever go wrong with the metallics.

Consider the Wrapping of the Presents

Sometimes, the presents under the tree are just for show. If this is the case for your home, get a couple of boxes and wrap them in black wrapping paper. Give the gifts a touch of chic by adding gold or silver bows.

Create Your Own

You don’t always have to buy new décor for Christmas. You can use any available black materials at home to create unique Christmas decorations.

Start a new holiday tradition this year. If you want to switch up your Christmas decoration, you can’t go wrong with black. From a black Christmas tree to black and chic ornaments, your options with black Christmas ornaments are ENDLESS.

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