Breaking the Unfair Myths About Being a Single Father with the Truth

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Are you worried about being a newly-single father? Is it a struggle to find purpose in your life while still fighting for the happiness and growth of your child? Do you feel lost and unaware of your own true mission because you think you aren’t doing enough? Here are some myths about single fatherhood that should be busted right now:

They Aren’t Doing Enough

First of all, single parents, in general, are not useless human beings. In fact, they’re doing their absolute best to turn their lives around and find the best work to earn a decent living without neglecting their children. Sometimes, however, you have to make tough choices that could put a strain on your relationship with them, such as going on long business trips or moving from house to house, thanks to increasing rent costs. Nevertheless, there is real hope and opportunity for you. Take your child to summer camp in Kearns while you look for a job opportunity or focus on earning a living. Get the help of your friends and family, especially those who are rooting for you.

They Aren’t as Visible as Single Moms

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According to the Pew Research Center, the number of single fathers has increased dramatically through the years. In 2013 alone, their research states that there are at least two million single dads. Most films talk about the lives, struggles, and triumphs of single mothers caring for one or more kids. But single dads are real and they also share the same heartbeat and desire as their female counterparts. They want to make changes in their lives despite the stigma of living without a partner. Single dads deserve to be recognized as part of society because they experience the same pain as single mothers do. They matter. They’re doing your best.

They Can’t Be Good Partners

Single dads get such a bad reputation because of the media and how there’s a natural bias in favor of mothers. But if you look at shows such as Judge Judy and Maury, there are many cases that prove that the father wants to be a good person, both to the mom and the kids. Whatever it was that happened between you and your ex, you can grow out of it in time. People may jeer and doubt your life, but that’s them. If you know that you love and respect your child, it will show. If you find the chance to fall in love with someone who understands your situation and is willing to fight for you, then you can certainly do the same for them, whatever the present situation may be.

It’s okay to be upset about your current situation. You know you’re struggling and you want to make yourself a better person. Take a stand against this feeling of helplessness and start making your life, as well as the life of your child, a little better each day. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it, whether it be financial, emotional, psychological, or physical.

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