Transform Small Spaces Into Your Coffee Wonderlands

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Who says you always have to line up at the nearest coffee shop for your daily caffeine fix? When you have a coffee bar at home, you can be your own barista busy whipping creative cups of coffee.

But what if you have a small kitchen? Can you still bring your coffee station ideas to life?

As with any room in your home, size doesn’t matter; it’s what you do with the space that counts. And while your Pinterest board might include dream coffee stations that take up the entire countertop, there are still plenty of coffee bar ideas for small spaces.

What Should I Put in my Coffee Bar at Home?

Before you start planning your coffee corner, get the essentials first. Apart from the coffee, you’ll need coffee bar accessories and equipment to do the brewing. Here are the essentials:

  1. Coffee beans
  2. Coffee mugs
  3. Coffee maker
  4. Coffee bean grinder

As long as you have the essentials, you can make a decent cup of Joe no matter what the space’s size is. If you want to go extra with your coffee, make sure you also have the following:

  1. Your favorite flavored syrups, creamers and sweeteners. Don’t forget your spices, too!
  2. Milk frother
  3. Fancy spoons (in case you want to film your coffee-making process! Accessories are )

Once you have everything that you need, it’s time to plan your little coffee corner.

Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

So, how do you make a small coffee bar at home?

A Peg Board Wall Saves You Space

Smaller spaces benefit from space-saving solutions. If you think you don’t have enough countertop space to accommodate all of your coffee bar paraphernalia, a pegboard can save the day. This wall installation is the best way to hang small coffee cups, milk jugs and utensils.

Apart from housing your coffee bar accessories, pegboard walls bring a quirky, cool and utilitarian look to your small coffee bar. If you still have space on the wall, why not add a donut board?

A Simple Color Palette Creates a Big Impact

Add character to your small coffee station by sticking to a single color. For example, if you want a minimalistic look, use matte black for everything — from the flowers to the coffee cups. With a simple color palette, you reward yourself with a serene scene while you make your cup of coffee.

Make Space for Your Coffee Bar with a Portable Unit

Hot herbal tea brewing in French press
Portable units can help you maximize your space (Photo by Charlotte May via Pexels)

If you don’t have any room left on your countertop, a slime standing shelf unit can save you more space. Shop for kitchen carts that can easily line up with your countertop or sit under your window. Make sure that your carts can fit your coffee machine, too. Coffee carts also offer enough space to store everything you need for your coffee station.

Hang Some Shelves To Save Space and Keep Things in Order

If you’re running out of space, think vertically! Make more space by adding shelves to your coffee station. Simple shelves are the minimalistic and space-saving alternative to coffee station cabinets. Use shelves to hold your coffee supplies and coffee bar accessories and to free up your countertop.

Spruce up your shelves by adding fun pieces like flowers and coffee signs!

Don’t Forget the Wooden Tray!

Sometimes, the simplest accessories are the best additions to any coffee station! Zone your little coffee bar with a simple tray that you can designate as your coffee brewing station. Whether you place it on your kitchen island or in the corner of your kitchen, a wooden tray is a protective and practical addition to your space. On top of that, it adds interest and depth to your room.

A Neon Sign Designates Your Coffee Bar

If you don’t have the space to go all out with your coffee station paraphernalia, don’t worry! There are other ways to spruce up your coffee station. For example, why not add a neon sign above your little coffee nook?

Position your neon sign above your French-press or tea kettle so you can bring the café vibes to your small coffee spot.

Add Features to Your Coffee Station with Matching Jugs and Jars

Just because you have a tiny space, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep it interesting! Start by organizing it by watching coffee cups, canisters, jars and jugs.

Keep Your Coffee Station Tucked Away

If you are an occasional coffee drinker, this is a coffee station idea to try. Keep your station tucked away in a cabinet. If you’re after aesthetics, go for a clear-glass cabinet. Apart from making it easier to grab your coffee ingredients and accessories, it adds character to your kitchen. Keep your sugar packages and extra coffee beans in labeled or clear jars, which make them easy to see and add charm to your coffee station.

With a coffee station cabinet, you keep your counters organized while keeping your supplies nearby.

Use Your Breakfast Bar as Your Coffee Nook

When creating a coffee station at home, keep your coffee equipment on a countertop away from the other appliances. By creating a dedicated zone for your morning coffee, you free yourself from the stress of kitchen clutter.

If you have a breakfast bar, use this as your coffee station. A typical breakfast bar can support a single-serve coffee maker and some mugs. Amp up the convenience factor of this setup by adding some stools so you can sit while you make your coffee.

How Do You Properly Organize Your Coffee Bar?

A smaller coffee bar means it’s easier to keep things tidy. However, how you organize your coffee nook depends on the space that you’re working with. A general rule of thumb is to keep your countertop free from clutter, so it’s always a good idea to store mugs, jars and other coffee paraphernalia in cupboards or on shelves.

To keep your little nook organized, think about what you need — do you need sprinkles, special syrups or spices? How often will you use your spoons? Place the accessories that you need nearby so you have easy access to them.


Size isn’t a big deal, especially when it comes to creating your own coffee space at home. We hope that our coffee bar ideas for small spaces help!

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