Don’t Miss Out on the Donut Party Craze: The Donut Wall to the Donut Board

donut wall

When you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, a Sweet Sixteen or a wedding, you can’t go wrong with sprinkles and donuts.

From whipping up donuts to installing a donut wall and other cute donut decorations, decking out special events with these desserts is always a good idea. It’s always fun to dip into the world of sugar, sprinkles and chocolate, especially if you’re celebrating fun moments.

With a donut-themed party, the options for décor, food and games are endless — just like how your donut options are endless too! So if you’re thinking about doing donuts for your party, we’ve got you covered. From the iconic donut wall to fun donut-themed games, here’s everything you need for a fun donut celebration.

The Donut Wall

Flower walls might have been the hottest thing in weddings, birthdays and celebrations during the early 2010s, but the donut wall is out to dethrone this floral décor. The donut wall has been popping up on Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards and other social media platforms.

And who could blame people for going crazy over these delicious boards?

A donut wall is a perfect addition to any wedding, birthday, or celebration. They are IG-worthy décor that add charm to your celebration. Your guests would definitely flock over these donut walls to take memorable photos.

Donut walls also hit two goals with one sweet board: they make the perfect dessert bar and they satisfy your guests’ sweet cravings. It’s the perfect solution for people who want to cut food expenses. Plus, it works well with both casual and formal events.

The best part is you can make your own donut wall (if having someone else do it isn’t an option).

How Do You Build a Donut Wall?

While donut walls can immediately be the focal point of your party, they are also simple to make. All you need is a wooden pegboard, paint, dowels, hanging rods and donuts.

To make a donut wall/donut board, you’ll need the following:

  • Peg board
  • Wood stain
  • Dowels
  • Tape measure, ruler or T-Square
  • Foam brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sandpaper or electric sander
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Donuts

To make your own donut wall, follow these steps:

Choose Your Pegboard

Select a pegboard that suits your space. If you can measure the area where you are putting up the donut display, note them down, take the measurements to the nearest hardware store and have a professional cut the board to size.

Once you’ve chosen your pegboard, personalize the theme with cute colors. Paint the board according to your event’s colors. Another way to make the color stand out is to coordinate the donuts with the paint of your board.

Here are some great ways to color-coordinate your wall:

  • If the text placed above the donut wall is black (or any dark color), place chocolate donuts.
  • To go lighter with your donut wall (i.e., you want a more pastel look for your board), choose donuts that are colored light blue, yellow or pink. Pair the golden text with a white backdrop.
  • If you paint your board in lighter shades, choose darker donuts. On the other hand, if the donut wall is painted in darker shades, choose lighter donuts to make the board stand out. So if you’re planning a Christmas party with black décor, go for donuts with white icing.
  • Make your donut wall more colorful by painting the wooden dowels in different colors. Rainbow-colored dowels with white donuts add more colors to your décor.

Secure the Dowels

Once your donut wall is dried, install dowels securely to the holes of the board. Always use the right-sized dowel for your board. If the dowels don’t fit, use hot glue to keep them in place. If they are too large for your board, sand down the ends.

Add the Doilies

If you want to add character and dimension to your donut wall, display the doilies. Place them in a symmetrical design to make your donuts stand out. Dress up your donut board by adding flowers to the décor.

Add the Donuts

Just before the part begins, slide the donuts onto the wooden dowels. If you need more room for your donuts, place two donuts on each dowel. Just avoid putting them too close to keep the icing designs from smearing.

The Donut Stand

Make your donuts stand out with a donut stand. (Photo from Pinterest)

If you’re not satisfied with just a donut wall to your wedding, birthday party or bridal shower, go the extra mile with a donut stand. These stands are lovely centerpieces for any table. They can also serve as a fun alternative to donut walls. They’re just as yummy, just as pretty and just as easy for guests to grab the donuts from.

How Do You Make a Donut Stand?

For a DIY donut stand, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Styrofoam block
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Knife
  • Candy sticks
  • Decorative items like washi tape and stickers

To make a donut stand, follow these steps:

Cut the Foam for the Base of Your Stand

If you buy a square block, cut it in half with a serrated knife before hot gluing the pieces together. Stack them on top of each other for a more rectangle-shaped foam board. The cutting part can be messy, so make sure you have a bag or paper to clean up easily.

Wrap the Block with Fabric

Emphasize the donut theme of the board by wrapping the board with a donut-patterned fabric. Fold the corners in a simple triangle, just as you would when wrapping a present. Use hot-glue to secure the fabric to the foam.

Mark the X’s on the Donut Board

Make small X’s using your knife in the fabric or board where you want the sticks to go. Mark as many as you want, but remember that the donuts will need space so they don’t bump into each other.

Add Your Donuts!

Put the donuts on the sticks and place them in the holes on your foam block. To add more fun to your donut stand, add some donut flags with encouragement or funny words.

The Donut Board

Change the way you do charcuterie boards by adding donuts to the mix. (Photo by Pinterest)

Step up your donut party game by going beyond the donut wall and stand and adding a donut board to the mix. After all, charcuterie boards are all the rage in celebrations right now. Why not make a donut version of this party staple?

The beauty of donut boards is you can’t go wrong with the décor and choices of donuts. You can buy donuts from your favorite donut shop, make your own or mix!

How Do You Make Donut Boards?

Start with a large wooden board. The bigger the board, the more donuts (and other décor food) you can add. Place a variety of donuts on the board and leave space for coffee, juice or milk. Color coordination is key here, especially if you’re after the aesthetics of the board. If your celebration is pastel-themed, add donuts with pastel icing. If you want a classic-looking board, you can’t go wrong with the basic glazed donuts.

Once you have a good mix on your donut board, fill the gaps with fresh fruits like blueberries, grapes, blackberries or halved strawberries. To add a savory touch to your charcuterie board, serve bacon in Mason jars in the middle of the board.

Next, place containers of coffee, cold brew or milk in the corners of the board (or beside the board if you don’t have space). Add some Cherry Garcia Fudge ice cream if you’re feeling extra! Put knives beside the board so guests can slice into donuts if they can’t commit to eating a whole donut.

Donuts always make for a good party, from a festive Sweet Sixteen to a hip wedding reception. Keep the suggestions above if you want to dip into the donut party fun.

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