Cosmetic dentistry offers a chance to feel great

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A dentist offers patients an opportunity to feel great in their own smile, not only by perfecting any imperfections, but by bringing out one’s true beauty that was always there. Such experts have the experience to know what will look great for an individual whilst having an eye for one’s unique beauty.

This skill goes beyond training and only the best professionals are chosen to be a part of this team. So should any individual wish to experience the best treatment options available for their personal situation, they should contact their local dental practice.

What are some of the cosmetic treatments that are available?

One of the most effective options that was previously only for celebrities is a smile makeover using dental veneers. This is a treatment that can deal with almost any cosmetic dental complaint there is, meaning that those who are suffering with a host of different complaints can use this particular treatment to effectively cure them all.

One concept that needs to be understood about this treatment is that it doesn’t really cure any complaint, rather just provides a long term, temporary cover up, providing those wearing veneers with a perfectly positioned and pearly white smile that they can be proud to show.

Essentially, dental veneers are thin shells that are glued to the outer surface of teeth. A patient can choose to have a single veneer to cover one problem tooth or create a bespoke smile makeover of several veneers, transforming their smile into a flawless and Instagram ready smile.

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Discussing the advantages and disadvantages

Dentists need to ensure that their patients are well informed regarding both the advantages and potential downsides of this treatment so that they are fully aware of the lifelong commitment that they are getting into.

Veneers are not reversible, meaning that once a person decides to have them done, they need to continue to replace them once they chip or break off. The lifespan of a veneer is about 10 years if it is cared for correctly, so this investment needs to be considered over the long term.

The treatment consists of removing a very thin layer of enamel from the outer surface of a tooth, roughening up the area so that a cement can be used to firmly bond the tooth to the shell. Exposure of the tooth following this would be detrimental and is therefore not advisable.

It is also an expensive venture, with other more affordable treatments available to those individuals who are not entirely committed to the idea or do not have the funds to continue it.

In saying that, because the effectiveness and speed of the treatment is so impressive, many individuals gladly consider these risks and enjoy a beautiful looking smile that not only fits their personality and face, but allows them to fit in with social status expectations. Teeth are one of the first features that society sees of an individual and this plays a huge part in how a person is perceived.

Allowing one’s best smile to stand out can be a life changing and positive occasion for anyone looking to make the most out of their life.

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