DIY Home Improvement: The Weekend Warrior’s Dream

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Are you thinking of doing some renovation on your home? You may have been pushing back on this project because you are afraid of the cost. But worry no more.

One of the best ways to cut on expenses is to undertake the project yourself. This is quite popular nowadays because homeowners can do the project during their spare time. Does this sound interesting?

Of course, you still have to tap into the knowledge of residential electrical services providers when it comes to wiring issues. But for other things, you can do it on your own. Here are a few projects that you can do this weekend:

Interior Painting

Interior painting is one of the usual projects that weekend warriors take. It is a cheap way to freshen up the look of your home. You can finish the job within one weekend.

The first step is to prepare the drywall. This stage would entail the removal of the old paint and patching up any holes on the wall. This step is necessary because it will prevent the paint from peeling off the wall. It will also ensure a smooth finish.

Now, we are in the fun part. Let us talk about colors. The color of the room supposedly affects the occupant’s mood.

Tradition dictates that the bedroom should be painted with cool colors. Doing this will supposedly calm the mind. On the other hand, painting the living room with red or any other warm colors will give a welcoming vibe.

You can experiment with other color schemes. You can paint a small part of the wall to test things. If the effect matches your expectation, you can continue painting the entire room.

We should start with the basement. As a rule of thumb, this room should never be painted with dark colors because doing that will transform the room into a dungeon. You should choose bright colors or even plain white. Choosing white will make the room seem airier.

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If you have completed repainting your interiors, you can proceed with this task. We are not talking about re-potting a few herbs. But this project is about a yard overhaul.

You can enjoy the sight of flowers for most parts of the year if you plan out what to plant. For example, planting daffodils in the fall will ensure that you will see them bloom at the start of spring. This charming perennial will brighten your home for more than two years.

You can also experiment with other plants like the bearded iris or the peony, or plants with healing properties like eucalyptus. These plants will boost your home’s curb appeal as they fully bloom during late spring. Of course, you should not forget roses. This shrub will keep your garden colorful from spring to autumn.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is another easy DIY project. You also have to properly prepare the surface that you will paint on. This may require pressure washing your exterior walls. Once done, you can start playing with the color schemes.

Let us take a modern house as an example. You don’t have to stick to neutral colors and paint architectural trims with black. You can paint the architectural trim with chocolate brown while painting your deck gray-blue.

You can experiment with yellow and greys for your modern home. Yellow will give your home a sunny disposition while grey keeps it grounded. You can skip the grey and opt to make yellow the main color. Then you can use white as the accent color.

If your home belongs to a historical district, you can maintain the manor-like feel without being dull. You can use white as the main color and use sage green as an accent color. You can also go neutral. Instead of using white, you can opt for ivory and use white for the trims. Another option would be to use white but paint the structural trimmings with black.

Another color scheme option for traditional homes would be keeping the old color. But you can paint your door red to give that pop of color. You can also choose an earthier color palette. This choice will give your home a warm vibe.

DIY projects are all the rage nowadays. It is not only a cost-cutting measure. But it is a good way to unwind because your mind is presented with a new set of challenges. The project gives your brain a break from the usual conundrum.

Why not take that leap of faith? You would not make any costly mistake because you are playing with inexpensive materials so you can experiment with all you want.

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