Glam Up Your Home for the Holidays

holiday decorations

Hosting your entire family’s holiday vacation is not an easy feat. The kids will be everywhere. The side-eyes of your in-laws might add pressure to an already grueling time. And whether you believe that decorating your home can make your life easier or not, at the very least, you’ll be able to find solace in an aesthetically pleasing house as you soldier on.

So, you better be excited to deck the halls with boughs of holly. Because if you don’t want to be on Santa’s naughty list, glamming up your home for the holiday should be your priority.

With that being said, here are easy-to-follow holiday decoration tips to give your home the festive boost it deserves.

Don’t stop with the outside

One of the most common mistakes the regular Janes and Johns do when decorating is limiting themselves to the outdoors. Going all out on your front yard décor but failing to balance it with your indoor decorations can leave a bad aftertaste to the eyes.

When choosing a theme for your holiday decorations, keep in mind that it should be applicable for both the outside and the inside of your home. Everything should be balanced. The centerpiece of your outdoor décor should also be present the moment you step inside. If you plan on filling the entire yard with mini Santas and his workers, leaving the inside lacking similar figures would make it look less festive. You wouldn’t want to feel Christmassy on the surface but feel like you’re the Grinch on the inside now, do you?

holiday decorations

Go big with lighting

It’s called Christmas lights for a reason. Fixing string lights along the hallways and points of entry is a must. It transforms an otherwise gloomy home into a wonderland by simply just existing. Imagine having hundreds of shining stars inside your home. There are various ways to use Christmas lights, and most of them are flexible for long-term use.

You can also go the extra mile and add Christmas scented candles. Lighting up candles will give additional festive warmth, help illuminate your home, and even fill the air with a holiday scent. Just be sure to keep the flames in check. Safety should always come first.

Stick with monotone furniture

Another common mistake is filling the house with too much color. It’s Christmas, not Coachella. It’s the season of gift-giving and if you want to treat yourself, then make sure you buy monotone furniture that you can use throughout the year. There are many options to choose from. If you want to beat the system, buy an ottoman online while they’re on sale. It will serve as a great additional decorative furniture and as storage for your holiday ornaments after a month.

Sticking with a black, white, gray, brown, or any other color along those shades would complement the décor, making them pop out.

But get festive with the décor

As stated above, monotone furniture, walls, and surfaces will bring life to colorful décor. You can go with the classic red and green or spice it up with metallic shades like silver and gold to make your house shine with elegance.

Use DIY accents

Nothing screams Christmas louder than a bunch of year-long photographs spread across your walls. It’s the best way to celebrate your family and the year you had with them. You can also kick it up a notch and host an art contest for kids and adults. You’ll get an instant artwork selection to decorate your house with, and you won’t even have to spend anything.

You can use old bottles, worn-out clothes, and other recyclable things you can repurpose. Old blankets can be attached to your front door like a ribbon, making your house look like a gift. Old jars can be painted gold and hung upside down to make them look like glass bells. You can even make artistic Christmas trees with used pallets. With DIY décor, you won’t have to worry about the budget, and your imagination will be the only limit.

Trust Mother Nature

Speaking of budget-friendly alternatives, you can never go wrong with Mother Nature. With a simple 10-minute stroll outside, you can easily get multiple additional elements that can boost your home’s holiday vibe.

Pick up pinecones, driftwood, broken branches, and even twigs. You can make your own natural wreath out of glued twigs and a variety of leaves. Forking branches painted in white or silver will look extra gorgeous with yellow and white string lights. Dried fruit, especially citrus ones, can bring both a festive look and scent as well.

The bottom line

No matter your budget, there will always be a way to spice up your holiday decorations.

So, bring a smile to everyone’s face by glamming up your place.

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