How Working Moms Survive the Daily Rigors of Family and Work Life

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How can you not be impressed by working mothers? They take care of the household by making sure everything is set up properly—meals, rooms, and even the garden. They help in paying the bills by having their own careers and money. More than that, they try to keep everyone in check—helping the children with their homework, being on-call at work, and attending parents-teachers conferences. What more can we honestly ask from them?

Doesn’t it surprise you how they manage all of these things? Surely, they do not have 48 hours a day. Like everyone else, they have limited time, energy, and resources. So, what is it that powers them through most days when everyone and everything seems to depend on them?

Taking Care of Themselves

Many mothers forget about taking care of themselves. The problem is when you don’t take care of yourself, you end up not doing anything productive at all. Those who manage to do everything they have to are the ones who take the time to take care of their well-being. They give themselves time to recuperate. They go to the spa and meet with their friends. That’s how most mothers can better face the challenges of every day.

Professional Help

Sure, moms are superheroes, but they need not make themselves suffer. They can delegate other household tasks to professionals. They can hire a tree removal company for their yard to take care of that old oak tree sitting at the edge of their properties. Professional cleaners will help clean and organize the house. If there is no time to do the laundry, they can bring the dirty clothes to the laundromat and pay someone else to laundry them.

Time Management

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Moms need to be super good at time management. Otherwise, nothing will fall into place. Although people aren’t born with the innate ability to manage their time well, they learn this by practice and dedication. If you commit yourself deeply enough to the idea of managing your time well, you’ll find out how helpful it is in maintaining relationships and achieving your goals.

Time management is not an option. For everyone, it’s the only way to face the daily rigors of life. How does a mother juggle family, work, and other responsibilities? The only way to do all of that is by managing one’s time well.


Being modern-day superheroes doesn’t mean that mothers don’t need help. They need as much help as they can from their partners, children, family, friends, and neighbors. It is this community of their loved ones that will help them achieve their dreams both for themselves and their families.

If they can leave their children with their grandparents so mothers can have an hour to themselves alone, that’s good for their well-being. In the same way, if their neighbors offer to look over the kids when there’s an emergency at work, that will allow mothers to focus on what needs to be done rather than worry about the kids back home. But more than anybody else, their partners need to step up, too. Contributing to household work will significantly reduce the amount of stress that mothers have to go through every single day.


It is technology that made it easier for moms to manage their time, household, and work. Thanks to technology, they can hold virtual meetings, present reports via teleconferences, provide entertainment for the kids, and manage their household budget better. Many of them also invested in smart home systems so they can control many aspects of their homes while they are away. With technology, they can lock and open doors, control the temperature, set reminders, turn on the music, manage ambient lighting, and so much more.


Finally, mothers would have a harder time if the government doesn’t work on policies that will make it easier for them to attend to their responsibilities. Allowing them to take leave from work for family emergencies is one of the things that they need. Giving them access to fair pay and opportunities will also protect their rights in the workplace. The public and private sectors are all responsible for ensuring that mothers’ rights are ensured, protected, and implemented.

They say that it takes a village to raise a kid. Moms know this more than anyone else. They know how hard it is to raise kids, whether with a partner or alone. They also know how hard it is to climb the corporate ladder because there are still some inequalities in gender pay and opportunities. But truly, because they are real-life superheroes, mothers know exactly what to do in any given situation.

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