Inspiring Young Minds: The Power of Reading and Writing

child reading a storybook

If there are two skills adults should teach their children, it’s reading and writing. These two are crucial in every child’s development, as studies have shown how reading skills alone can contribute to reducing the signs of depression. It also allows them to develop stronger empathy toward others. It’s essential now more than ever to instill in children the love for the written word, especially because almost everyone has access to devices and technology that could serve as distractions to younger learners. It’s the responsibility of the adults to expose children to reading and writing and help them realize that these activities could be both fun and exciting.

Of course, this is easier said than done. As adults and parents try their best to encourage their children to read or write, there will always be some resistance. It’s only natural for them to prefer video games at a certain age. If we let them be, the number of young people who’ll pick up books and pens as a form of hobby will continue to decrease. But this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. With the right amount of guidance and perseverance, we’ll be able to inspire the younger generation to develop a fondness for reading and writing and see the beauty of these activities, and even publish their first stories online for free

Start with Something Relevant to Them

kid reading and writing

Start them young. The best way to do this effectively is by teaching them something relevant to them. What else could be more important to them than their names? For preschool children, you’ll be able to pique their interest when trying to introduce new concepts to them, like writing, by starting with their names. The more they become familiar will all the curves and lines that make up the letters of their names, the more interested they’ll be in exploring this activity. Maximize all your resources for this, such all the letters you see everywhere, whether it’s at home or on huge billboards outside. Point at these visuals and ask your children if they can identify these.

Do These Activities Together

When your children start going to school, it’s best to encourage them to do more even at home. Make sure you don’t go overboard; otherwise, you’ll get the opposite results, and they’ll abhor it even more. Guide and encourage them to develop their reading and writing skills even after school hours by doing it together. Prepare some fun exercises that would make learning feel more like playing. When you read stories to them, for example, ask them comprehension questions but let them ask YOU questions as well.

See how much they understood and you’ll be surprised at how vivid their imaginations can be. Once they’re more comfortable, you can encourage them to make their own stories. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even write and publish your child’s original storybook.

Instilling a love for both reading and writing in children at an early age falls upon you. We all understand the importance of doing this, yet it isn’t always such an easy task. But it’s certainly doable with the right amount of discipline and patience.

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