Moms Need Time for Themselves, Too

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Let’s get this straight: It is perfectly okay to make yourself a priority , especially if you’re a new mom. Stop the notion that your life should stop and revolve around your child when you’re a mom. Your life and sanity are equally as precious as the lives of your child and your partner. Still not convinced moms need “me time?”

Moms are actually convinced that the more time they spend with their children, the better parents they are. Wrong. Take up those paralegal online courses that you’ve been wanting to take since forever. Get a spa. Meet your girlfriends. You’ll be a better parent after you’ve spent time doing things you love. You will feel better after having a pampering spa session. It’s going to be great for your kids, too.

Reboots the Brain

Prioritizing your well-being should not make you feel guilty. There is nothing you need to feel guilty about doing things designed to make you feel good. Why should you be crucified for wanting to get a pedicure? Why should you feel guilty for having a haircut? Going out with your friends or having some time alone reading a good book will reboot your brain. These activities will prepare you for another busy day tomorrow.

Improves Your Concentration

You lose sight of the things that you need to do when you’re so busy you can hardly speak or breathe. Having me time will improve your concentration. It will allow you to refocus your brains on your goals and plans. You can think better when no kids are running around you or when there is no paperwork on the kitchen counter.

Helps You Unwind

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You have to give yourself time to unwind. Being a mom is stressful. You are constantly preventing fights, cooking meals, and helping your child with their homework. It is exhausting, to say the least. How much more exhausting it can be if you cannot even have one day off?

You don’t have to go far to unwind. You don’t even have to spend north of $5. You can sit in the park by yourself and people watch. You can go to the mall and window-shop. You can have a picnic by yourself. You can go to the library and catch up with your reading.

Makes You More Productive

Are you a working mom? Do you do home-based work? Isn’t it tiring to have to work and take care of your child at the same time? You need me time because you can use it to finish more of your work. And when you do, you’ll be less stressed and frustrated knowing that you’ve already done your work for the day. Your mind can focus more when you are relaxed and happy.

Do parents get enough me time? Men get 28 hours of free time a week, while women get 25 hours of alone time. But compared to dads, moms spend an extra 10 hours a week to multitask. They usually juggle household chores and work.

You need to take it easy. You need to forgive yourself if you lose your temper sometimes. You’re far from a bad parent. You’re exhausted. Give yourself a couple of hours to recharge, and you’ll bounce back better.

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