Moving with Pets: Helping Your Furry Friend Adjust to a New Environment

dog at home

Nothing about moving is easy. The entire process can be quite a hassle –from securing a new apartment and signing a contract to making sure all your belongings are properly packed, and your arrangements with local movers have been finalized. Fort Lauderdale residents know it seems like a never-ending process.

One of the biggest challenges is packing. Yes, it can be extremely stressful on your part. But, at the end of the day, none of your stuff really matter. If you break a couple of dishes or lost a box of clothing, you can always use it as an excuse to go shopping and give yourself a treat.

But, there’s one thing that can make this task even more complicated? Having pets. Your pets can be as equally stressed out as you are about moving. Once they see you packing all your stuff, they’ll start to feel unsettled, too.

Just like you, they’ll also need a lot of time and preparations to get ready for the move. They’re priceless members of your family, so you should do everything to make the move as smooth as possible for them.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind to get your furry friends prepared for their new home:

1. Stay calm during the whole process.

Your pets will immediately notice when you’re feeling stressed out, and this will add to their anxiety. Try to set a good example to your pets by having a positive attitude toward this stressful event in your life. Also, take things slow.

If you try to pack everything up all at once, it will also cause your pet to feel unsettled, too. So, start as early as you can and stretch out the whole packing tasks over several days. Also, don’t forget to take breaks in between the packing, as will allow your pets to go on with their usual routine.

2. Update your pets’ tags.


Make sure your pets’ collar tags are updated. Put your current contact number in them and other details that will help other people find you in case something happens. During the move, there are plenty of chances for your furry friends to make an escape.

This becomes even more likely when they’re feeling scared or hearing a lot of noises as you move your large items. With updated tags, it’ll be easier for someone to get a hold of you in case they run off.

3. Prepare a box with all of their belongings.

Just as you need to have some of your own important items on hand, such as your meds and toiletries, your pets should also keep all their must-haves stored in an easily accessible box. The contents should include their favorite toys, a comfy blanket, litter boxes, and a couple of days’ worth of food. Seeing familiar items around will keep them relaxed, so unpack all their stuff first and let them have their own separate area.

Moving can be such a big challenge for your pet, especially if it involved long travel times. Help your pet get acclimated to their new environments by taking them out for short walks and letting them sniff around the neighborhood.

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