Spring Cleaning: What Needs to be Done

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These days, our lives have been contained at home. We work remotely, study online, and work out in limited spaces. The COVID-19 pandemic has kept us indoors for so long that we need to prioritize making our surroundings comfortable and safe for our families. Keeping residential spaces safe is important, especially in those that have high risks, such as houses with big families and even in homes that provide assisted living for seniors, during this pandemic. Those who need care the most should be given immediate attention.

We enter spring once again during this global health crisis. Take this season to double-check any home repairs that you need to do before the onset of the summer heat.

Home Maintenance in Preparation for the Summer

To prepare for the upcoming summer months, make sure you are well equipped with maintenance tools during spring. Despite the ongoing pandemic, you might need to hire professionals who can help you out with your home maintenance, but always remember to prioritize your health and safety.

Spring is a breath of fresh air from the frigid winter months. During this season, you will have to do a few things to prepare yourself for the summer heat. Take advantage of this time to get things done quickly.

Spring is the perfect season for checking your roof’s condition. After the onslaught of snow, you have to ensure that your roof is still in good shape. This will prevent any leaks and potential damages to your home in the long run. It will also prevent any unsightly and inconvenient incidents.

You can also try power-washing your windows and sidings. This is also the ideal time to install screens on your windows so that you can prevent insect infestation inside your home by the summer months.

Be careful with removing leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts. Doing so will prevent clogs in your gutters. It will also keep your gutters and downspouts intact.

You should also inspect your chimney for damages to give you enough time to plan for any maintenance repairs.

You can also consider fertilizing your lawn to keep it healthy and flourishing during these months. Keep your yard green and lively to add to that fresh spring feeling.

Home maintenance should be a routine for your household to ensure that you take good care of your home facilities. It will also keep you comfortable despite the situation that we are in. The global health crisis is stressful enough as it is, so let’s work with our families to make our homes easier to live in.

HVAC Routine Checkup

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Summer is coming, so make sure you have your HVAC facilities up and running. Having a routine HVAC checkup especially before summer is important to make sure you have the proper facilities when the heat gets intense at home. As your outdoor movement is restricted, you can only rely on your home’s HVAC system to keep you cool during the hot months.

Your air-conditioning unit should be checked by a professional before the onset of the summer so that you can avoid heatstroke. Experiencing heatstroke is still possible even when you are indoors, so it’s best to be cautious and extra attentive with your home facilities that can help you deal with the heat.

Hiring a professional technician to check your HVAC system might be necessary. However, you should still take note of the safety guidelines when welcoming new people into your home during this global health crisis. Make sure you and your technician agree on following health protocols to keep both parties safe and healthy throughout your transaction.

Avoid Heatstroke in the Summer

Heatstroke can be avoided as long as you are familiar with what you should do once the heat becomes intense. Even when at home, you should be aware of the safety protocols and emergency guidelines if and when someone in the household experiences symptoms of heatstroke.

Once the summer starts, begin wearing loose-fitting clothing to let your skin breathe freely. Doing so will let your body cool down properly.

Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. This will regulate your body temperature and will help your body sweat, preventing overheating.

Take it easy with your physical activities during the hottest times of the day to avoid overworking your system.

Home maintenance is an important part of this season. Taking the necessary measures to prepare for the summer can help you prevent getting sick and experiencing symptoms of the dreaded heatstroke. Keep you and your family safe by taking care of your household during this time.

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