Three Fitness Reminders for At-home Fitness Buffs

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Home workouts have increasingly gained popularity since the coronavirus pandemic. Because people are stuck at home and gyms have been closed, those who look to stay fit during the quarantine need to be creative.

Some make the most of what they have, using books, water containers, and whatnot as weights. Others couple up with their roommates to motivate each other.

At-home workout programs are available on the internet, whether it be mobile apps, websites, or YouTube videos. From beginner to advance workouts, these offer step-by-step guides that usually only need a yoga mat.

However, fitness advice from the internet should be taken with a grain of salt. Here are a few reminders that you’ll learn from a health coach diploma course:

Don’t work the same muscles every day

Muscles tear every time you work them out, and the natural reaction of the body is to repair them through “satellite cells”. These cells use amino acids from protein. This is why protein is important in bodybuilding because more protein means better recovery, making the muscles bigger and stronger.

When you work out the same muscle group every day, the muscles don’t have enough time to heal themselves. As a result, the fibers just continue to tear and tear and tear, causing muscle fatigue and injury. Keep in mind that recovery time can last for up to 72 hours.

Form over speed

Always move at your own speed. Having the correct form while working out is crucial.

Without proper form, muscles that are not targeted by the workout will be targeted. At times, the improper form doesn’t engage the right muscle group. Because of these, the body will be prone to injuries while also reducing the expected results of the exercise.

If you feel like the video you’re following is too fast, you can always pause it, find your center, and re-evaluate your form. The proper form would not cause pain and discomfort while doing the exercise since everything is in place.

Take active rest days

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Because rest is necessary to stay fit and healthy, taking active rest days stimulates recovery. Instead of staying horizontal the entire day, consider doing light exercises to encourage better blood flow and oxygen to your muscles. Here are activities you can do during active rest days:

  • Yoga: Stretching, mindfulness, and breathing exercises are exactly what you need after a full week of hard work.
  • Spend time with your dog: Either you walk, run, or play fetch around the field, these are fun ways to sneak in a little bit of exercise within the day.
  • Swimming: Going slow and steady every lap is already a cardio workout that engages every part of the body, so swimming is really a full-body sport.

No matter your fitness goals, it’s best to be informed about the best practices when it comes to working out. Through this, you won’t fall into the trap of fitness fads. Before starting a rigorous fitness program on the internet, consulting the experts helps you avoid injuries and fatigue. As a result, you’ll find yourself having a healthy body that you deserve.

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