Tips For Living in Small Apartment With Pet

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For many renters, living in a small apartment is already a challenge in and of itself. But when you have a furry friend to share the tiny space with, things can be a little bit harder.

However, you’ve found the perfect one-bedroom apartment with all utilities included, and the building pet-friendly on top of it all. You can’t possibly give up a good deal just because the place is a little uncomfortable with you and your pet sharing it. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can make small-apartment living a lot easier, healthier, and more comfortable for you and your furry best friend. Here are some of the best examples:

1. Exercise your pet often

With little space in your apartment, your dog will likely not get enough exercise throughout the day while you’re away at work or school. As a result, they will become restless, anxious, and frustrated, which can lead to them expending energy in damaging ways, such as chewing on furniture or barking non-stop.

To avoid bad behavior and keep your dog happy and healthy, exercise them at least twice a day. Walk or jog with them in the mornings, and then take them out for another walk in the evenings. On the weekends, it’s also a good idea to allow them some high-intensity exercise like running around the dog park or playing fetch. If you can’t walk them enough throughout the day, hiring a dog walker is an excellent alternative.

Cats, on the other hand, can get plenty of exercise on their own and even in a small space. Just make sure they have a lot of toys and equipment to keep them occupied.

2. Change the filters often

When you have a pet that sheds, you have to change your air filters more frequently–at least once every 30 to 60 days, depending on how much your pet sheds. Air filters accumulate all sorts of dirt and debris over time. If you don’t change them regularly enough, the indoor air quality of your apartment will suffer, which can eventually lead to you developing respiratory problems.

3. Give your pet their own space

Dogs and cats are generally territorial, so making them their own space in the apartment will help ease their anxiety and keep them happy. Place their bed in a corner, along with their toys, blankets, and feeding bowls to give them an area where they can rest.

Doing this will also help keep your small apartment as tidy as possible, especially if you have limited open space, to begin with.

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4. Choose a first-floor apartment

If possible, choose an apartment unit that is located on the first floor. Taking your pet out for walks and bathroom breaks will be much more convenient if you don’t have to take any stairs or the elevator. Moreover, if you have a large dog, living on the first floor will ensure that there are no downstairs neighbors to disturb with your dog’s heavy footsteps.

5. Soundproof your apartment

Even if your pet is generally well-behaved, they may still let out a few barks here and there when you’re gone. To avoid disturbing the neighbors, soundproof your apartment by installing decorative acoustic panels on your walls, hanging heavy drapes or tapestries, pushing furniture against the walls, sealing gaps in doors and windows, and laying down rugs.

Better yet, be proactive and talk to your neighbors. Ask them if your pet is making noise while you’re away. If they say ‘yes’, then you can apologize and assure them that you’ll be doing something about it. It’s definitely a better option than inadvertently inconveniencing them and increasing conflict in your immediate surroundings.

6. Ventilate

One of the common woes of small apartments is poor air circulation due to the limited space. This is bad news especially for renters with pets since animal fur and various pet smells can easily accumulate and hang heavy in the air. And surely, no one wants to come home with their apartment smelling like dog.

Avoid this problem by installing a box fan in one of your windows that can help air circulate better in your apartment. When you are home, keep the windows open (if the weather permits) to allow fresh air in. If you have ceiling fans, turn them on to allow air to circulate better, but make sure that they are free from dust.


Living with a pet in a tiny apartment can be uncomfortable–but only if you don’t do something about it. With these tips, you can keep you and your pet happy, healthy, and comfortable even with limited living space.

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