Who can replace their missing teeth?

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Any adult who has lost one, several or even all of their teeth can use dental implants in Richmond to replace their teeth and benefit from a renewed enjoyment of their smile again.

Whether they have lost their teeth due to an accident or because of an illness or poor oral health, there is a solution available for patients with regard to this procedure.

This is why replacing teeth with titanium implants is so popular with many dentists and usually the first option that is presented to patients, amongst a number of other options. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for everyone, so thankfully, dentures or bridges are still in common use so that individuals can get the appropriate treatment for the benefit of their health and wellbeing.

But for most healthy individuals, this long-lasting treatment is an obvious choice due to all of the advantages it can offer them over the alternative options. Firstly, because this treatment can last for decades, many patients do not need to worry themselves about replacing their prostheses.

This treatment is even used to stabilise dentures that have become uncomfortable over time because their jawbone is naturally receding. Using an implant will not allow for any jawbone degradation, because the bone remains stimulated and therefore will continue to produce cells. It is the only tooth replacement treatment that does this currently and so if a patient has lost their teeth in their younger years, they can be reassured knowing they will not have complications later in life because of this natural occurrence.

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What does the treatment look like?

The initial consultation with a dentist will allow the patient to understand whether they are viable for the treatment or not. Some people who have underlying health conditions may find that they cannot undergo the minor surgical procedure that is required.

However, many can and if they are viable, the dentist will go through their personal situation and explain the next steps.

Usually, after scans and a consultation, a date will be set to have the implant put in place. A titanium rod will be drilled directly into a patient’s jawbone at the precise location of the original tooth root. This rod effectively replaces the root and stimulates the jawbone into believing this is exactly what it is.

Over time, the bone will fuse with the rod and this is why titanium is the preferred choice of material when it comes to this procedure.

A dentist may be able to attach a crown during this procedure or a patient may have to wait until it has healed somewhat before their permanent crown is put in place. The crown looks and feels like a natural tooth and the dentist will go to great lengths to ensure that the size, shape and colour of the replacement tooth resembles their original tooth.

It won’t be known for several months whether the treatment was a complete success, but it is important to maintain a good oral hygiene routine during this time and after to ensure that the risk of infection is reduced.

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